Valio Introduces New Evolus product in Portugal and Spain

Functional dairy products developed for lowering elevated blood pressure are now available to consumers in Spain and Portugal. Valio Ltd has licensed the Evolus technology that drives these innovative products, which have been available in the Finnish company’s domestic market since the year 2000, and were launched in Iceland in 2003.

Spanish and Portuguese consumers now have the opportunity to benefit from products designed to lower blood pressure. These products are made locally and marketed under the Kaiku Vita brand in Spain, while the Emmi Evolus products for the Portuguese market are made in Switzerland. These fermented milk-based drinks are sold in packs of six conveniently sized 65 ml plastic bottles and the recommended daily dose is just one. The bottles carry the health message “Lowers blood pressure”.

Both Emmi and Kaiku/Iparlat are long-term Valio partners. Emmi has marketed Emmi Aktifit products containing the probiotic LGG in Switzerland and many other countries since 1996, and Kaiku has sold LGG products in Spain since 2001.

Evolus lowers blood pressure efficiently

The blood pressure-lowering mechanism of Evolus products is based on bioactive peptides and a beneficial mineral composition. The Evolus product effect of lowering blood pressure has been verified in 3 experimental studies and 4 clinical studies. Valio developed and patented the unique Evolus production method.

Elevated blood pressure is one of the most significant factors associated with the risk of cardiovascular diseases and exposes those affected to cerebral haemorrhage, causes cardiovascular changes, and increases the risk of renal injury. Elevated blood pressure is a significant public health problem and Evolus products have been developed to help as part of a varied diet.

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