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VAXA International Teams up with Business Partners to Provide Support During Economic Slowdown

VÄXA International, a provider of homeopathic medicinals and dietary supplements, is offering free product displays to their client base, in order to support them during these difficult economic times. VÄXA’s goal is to help their stores expand their product line and attract new customers, risk free.

Nearly every business, including the natural products industry, has been affected by the current state of the economy. In a positive turn of events, there are a growing number of people turning to complementary and alternative medicine. However, the problem remains that many health store owners and practitioners are bringing in less new products in order to control budgets. This reduces the variety of products available in stores to help people with certain conditions.

VÄXA CEO, William Harper, challenged his company to do something different to help their client base. So, instead of cutting back on giveaways and free product, VÄXA has dramatically increased their free product giveaways. VÄXA saw a need back in September 2008, to enhance retail partnership and created a promotional countertop display containing three bottles of product, along with educational literature and CD’s. The display packs were offered to both existing and new stores at no cost with absolutely no strings attached. Stores were able to choose any new product from the line they were not currently carrying and keep 100% of the profit from the sales. Free unlimited product trainings from VÄXA’s Director of Education, were also made available to the stores to educate them on the product.

So, why is VÄXA doing this? Simply put, VÄXA believes in their product line. Since 1987, they have formulated unique products with quality, effectiveness and purity as the foundation. VÄXA trusts that if stores have the opportunity to try their products they will see benefit in continuing a partnership. “It is more important then ever to support our partners and provide them with the products they need in order to be successful,” says William Harper.

Since the inception of the free product giveaways, over 1,300 synergy packs have been given out, totaling over $30,000 in retail sales. As a bonus during the slow summer months, VAXA had a blitz in July, giving away over 600 free displays, valued over $16,000 in retail value in July alone. The responses from the stores have been overwhelmingly positive. Stores are staring to realize the benefits and additional profits from an expanded product line.

VÄXA is still currently running the synergy pack promotion in order to reach their entire client base. VÄXA products can be found in health food stores, practitioner’s offices, pharmacies, or purchased online. Visit for details about the entire family of health-supporting VÄXA products.

About VÄXA
Founded in 1987, VÄXA (which is a Swedish word meaning “growth”) has pioneered doctor- formulated homeopathic and dietary supplements to support nearly every aspect of one’s life and health. With over 40 products in the line, VÄXA combines the science of health with the power of nature to create unique multi-dimensional formulas to protect your body and promote optimal health. VÄXA homeopathics utilize the science of homeopathy coupled with the power of herbs and nutrition. All VÄXA products have a money-back guarantee to ensure satisfaction. The product line is also made in the U.S.A.

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