Verdure Sciences Expands Sustainability Program with Certified Organic Offerings

Verdure Sciences recently announced that it has begun manufacturing a line of 100% USDA Organic standardized extracts. This new organic line helps Verdure meet consumer demands for ingredients with a minimal carbon footprint as well as meet efficacious expectations.

“Verdure is proud to be one of the first certified organic manufacturers in India,” said Blake Ebersole, Technical Director of Verdure Sciences. “The term Quality is used often in this industry, so we took the next step to show how truly committed we are. Sometimes that means not being the cheapest ingredient out there, but there’s too much at stake to take shortcuts.”

USDA certified, Verdure’s organic line adheres to NOP guidelines. Going even further with quality, Verdure uses a botanical only facility that abides by: ISO 9001:2000, HACCP, cGMP and Kosher certification. Along with quality, Verdure remains environmentally friendly by recycling much of its waste product to create a cycle of reusable energy.

The company’s new organic line includes: Amla, Ashwagandha, Bacopa monnieri, Ginger, Gotu Kola, Holy Basil, Punica granatum, and Shatavari. For a complete product list please contact a Verdure Sciences Representative at 317.776.3600.

About Verdure Sciences
Verdure Sciences strives to offer the most innovative bionutritionals through the integration of proprietary offerings, expertise and consummate resources.

With the main focus on research and production capabilities, an extensive pipeline of clinically studied products is geared toward the needs of general populations and subpopulations with special health concerns.

Verdure Sciences website:

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