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Vermont Soap Announces Convenient Travel Size Organic Yoga Mat Wash

Middlebury, VT –After yogis and yoginis cleanse their mind and soul, they need to cleanse their yoga mat. Vermont Soapworks has announced a convenient 2 oz travel size Organic Yoga Mat Wash that is easy to stow in a gear bag or pocket.

An unclean yoga mat can compromise the performance of the equipment and can annoy both the mat user and those in the environment they share. Organic Yoga Mat Wash is a mild Castile liquid soap spray specially formulated to clean sweat and chemical residues from mats and accessories.

“Many of the new sticky mats and balance balls have a slippery finish or chemical residue on them,” notes Larry Plesent, a yoga practitioner and founder of Vermont Soapworks. “This is a healthy, organic cleaner for mats, balance balls and all your yoga accessories,” adds Plesent.

After each yoga session, lightly spray your mat with Organic Yoga Mat Wash. Gently wipe it down and let dry for a moment before rolling up the mat. “Regular use actually extends the life of your yoga mat, and it can restore those tired, flat mats hiding in the attic,” says Plesent.

Organic Yoga Mat Wash is extraordinarily mild, hypoallergenic, and doesn’t irritate sensitive skin. The fresh citrus scent is pleasant but not overpowering. This certified organic cleaner is made from a Castile liquid soap base, natural and organic essential oils, aloe vera and rosemary extract. It is free of synthetic colors, fragrances, preservatives, and animal by-products. Vermont Soapworks does not test on animals.

Packaged in a convenient 2-ounce pump spray bottle, the suggested retail price is $4.99. Organic Yoga Mat Wash is sold where Yoga or Pilates are taught. It is also available on the web at or by calling toll-free 1-866-SOAP-4U2.

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