VersiLac reduces production costs as butter replacement

VersiLac reduces production costs as butter replacement

Proliant Dairy Ingredients has shown VersiLac to be a highly versatile dairy ingredient that successfully replaced whey powder and nonfat dry milk / skim milk powder in most bakery products.  


With year-to-date butter prices reaching an all time average high of over $2.00 a pound, and the futures market and economists both forecasting continuing high prices, finding innovative solutions to substitute for butter and butter-based ingredients is critical to many food formulators.

In previous research, Proliant Dairy Ingredients has shown VersiLac® to be a highly versatile dairy ingredient that successfully replaced whey powder and nonfat dry milk / skim milk powder in most bakery products. Furthermore, during these studies Proliant researchers also discovered that by adding VersiLac® to a variety of food systems, VersiLac® produced a moister, richer finished product. This discovery, combined with customers’ concerns regarding historically high butter prices, prompted additional research. Proliant immediately began looking at VersiLac® as a butter and butter-based ingredient substitute.

According to Kim Peterson, Applications Research Specialist at Proliant, “VersiLac®’s increased water holding capacity in baked goods resulted in our being able to replace a portion of the butter in these products. Combined with the replacement of whey powder or non-fat dry milk / skim milk powder, Proliant was able to achieve 10-20% butter replacement in different bakery applications. The end result was a rich and moist finished product that was comparable to a much more expensive control product,” said Peterson. And in addition to a significantly lower production cost, the addition of VersiLac® and reduction in butter results in an improved nutritional profile and healthier label declarations.

The following table summarizes Proliant’s research results to date:

Bakery Food System

% Butter Reduction

Impact on Fat/Serving



1.85 g less fat / serving



2.50 g less fat / serving

Pound Cake


1.50 g less fat / serving


Savory Food System

% Replacement

Alfredo Sauce

100% Replacement of Butter Powder

VersiLac® is a natural, highly dispersible and soluble dairy ingredient. In addition to butter reduction, in controlled research studies focusing on reducing formulation costs, VersiLac® successfully replaced up to 100% of non-fat dry milk or whey powder, and at least 25% of either sugar, cocoa, or salt in select bakery, confectionary, beverage, and savory applications. And considering the rising cost of corn and corn-based ingredients, VersiLac® also demonstrated exceptional versatility in replacing dextrose, maltodextrin or corn syrup solids. Reducing ingredient costs provides a significant incentive for food companies to use VersiLac®.

VersiLac® is produced at Proliant’s Melrose, MN facility and is marketed across North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Central and South America through Proliant’s global distribution network.

About Proliant

Proliant Dairy, Inc. has nearly 15 years of experience in dairy products, processing technology, and international marketing and distribution. Proliant, a wholly-owned company of the Lauridsen Group Inc., manufactures and markets protein products for the food, nutrition, human health, nutraceutical, diagnostic, life science research, biopharmaceutical and veterinary vaccine industries.

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