VIACTIV(R) Soft Calcium Chews Launches the Share the Strength Campaign with to Educate Women on Calcium Needs and Osteoporosis Prevention

FORT WASHINGTON, Pa., Apr 28, 2004 -- In acknowledgement of May as National Osteoporosis Prevention Month, VIACTIV(R) Soft Calcium Chews and have created a nationwide initiative to promote the importance of calcium in building strong bones. VIACTIV(R) Soft Calcium Chews and will host the Share the Strength Campaign as part of a national effort to raise awareness of the importance of bone health and taking time to take care of and pamper oneself.

"Many women become aware of their own need to take calcium when they become pregnant or when their own mother is diagnosed with osteoporosis. This Mother's Day we are encouraging women of all ages to share the calcium message with other women they care about -- mothers, daughters, sisters -- and to remind them to take care of themselves through all stages of life," said Chris Scherzinger, Marketing Manager, McNeil Nutritionals.

"We feel VIACITV(R) is a natural partner with, as our mission is to encourage wellness and balance for all by offering exclusive, affordable spa specials. We think it's essential to take time out to care for one's self, and obviously taking control of one's health should be a top priority," said Mary Blackmon De Roker, Founder,

The Share the Strength Campaign combines education for mothers and daughters on topics including the role of calcium in osteoporosis prevention and bone health, VIACTIV(R) Soft Calcium Chew sampling and opportunities for complimentary spa treatments. Women around the country can participate in the VIACTIV(R) Soft Calcium Chew and Share the Strength Campaign in a variety of ways:

Get a Running Start: Mother's Day Weekend Event in NYC

The Share the Strength Campaign will launch on Mother's Day weekend at Bryant Park in New York City, Friday, May 7, 2004. Mothers, daughters, sisters and friends can receive complimentary hand reflexology treatments from therapists and learn about calcium intake and osteoporosis prevention from medical experts Pamela Sherman, MD and Lisa Hark, Ph.D., RD. Mothers and daughters can receive free bone density testing and try samples of VIACTIV(R) Soft Calcium Chews on-site. The event will emphasize the importance of calcium in maintaining strong bones through all stages of life.

In addition, Suzy Favor Hamilton, a world ranked middle distance runner and hopeful for the 2004 games, and VIACTIV(R) Soft Calcium Chews spokesperson, along with her mother, Rachel Favor, will be at the launch event to sign autographs. Suzy Favor Hamilton helps keep her bones at optimal strength by taking VIACTIV(R) Soft Calcium Chews and doing weight-bearing exercise each day. Rachel Favor and her daughter will represent how a mother-daughter team can ensure they are getting their daily recommended calcium intake with VIACTIV(R) Soft Calcium Chews.

Win a Spa Sweepstakes for Two

VIACTIV(R) Soft Calcium Chews and are offering a nationwide sweepstakes to give women the chance to win up to $500 of spa treatments at a local spa of their choice with their mother, daughter or a friend. Two runner-up prizes of $250 and $150 will also be awarded. The Sweepstakes will launch May 1 and run through May 31, 2004. Information on the Sweepstakes and an entry form can be found at and

Sample VIACTIV(R) at Your Favorite Spa

Participating partner spas across the country will provide VIACTIV(R) samples as well as information on osteoporosis for the entire month of May 2004. Visitors at these participating spas in the network can try VIACTIV(R) Soft Calcium Chews and receive literature on osteoporosis prevention while indulging in spa treatments. Participating spas are listed at

"Even though the consequences of osteoporosis are not seen until later in life, a woman's bones are almost fully developed by the time she reaches the age of thirty," said Maureen Conway, Director of Nutritional Affairs at McNeil Nutritionals and a registered dietitian. "For this reason, it is important to take calcium and be aware of bone health in early years of life, as a precaution against osteoporosis in later years. Bone deterioration is difficult to reverse once it starts."

Just in time for National Osteoporosis Prevention Month, VIACTIV(R) Soft Calcium Chews launched the "To-Go Pack," a convenient, purse size, re-sealable pack of ten soft chews, making it even easier for women to achieve optimal nutrition by getting enough calcium each day.

Two VIACTIV(R) Soft Calcium Chews provide 100% of the recommended daily value of calcium, as well as significant amounts of Vitamin D, for better calcium absorption, and Vitamin K, which helps in building certain bone proteins that aid in the utilization of calcium. VIACTIV(R) Soft Calcium Chews are available in five flavors, including Milk Chocolate, Caramel, Chocolate Mint, Strawberry Cream and Orange Cream, and are available in most food, drug, mass, and club retail outlets.

Full information on the Share the Strength Campaign with VIACTIV(R) Soft Calcium Chews and is available at and

About VIACTIV(R) Soft Calcium Chews

VIACTIV(R) Soft Calcium Chews are marketed by McNeil Nutritionals based in Fort Washington, PA. McNeil Nutritionals is fully committed to helping women take control of their health. Good nutrition is the foundation of good health. VIACTIV(R) Soft Calcium Chews provide a convenient, great tasting way for women to take care of themselves and their bone health. After all, who can resist a small indulgence twice a day with meals, especially when it's good for you!

About McNeil Nutritionals, Division of McNeil-PPC, Inc.

McNeil Nutritionals, Division of McNeil -- PPC, Inc. with headquarters in Fort Washington, PA, markets innovative nutritional products. In addition to VIACTIV(R) Soft Calcium Chews, its major brands include SPLENDA(R) No Calorie Sweetener, LACTAID(R) Milk and Dietary Supplements, and BENECOL(R) Spreads and Dietary Supplements that are proven to help reduce cholesterol.

About offers exclusive spa treatment specials and savings at leading day, medical and destination spas across the United States, making the benefits of greater wellness and balance more affordable for the general public. Launched in 2003, provides detailed information on each of its member spas to help first-time and seasoned spa-goers make educated decisions. Today more than 100 spas throughout Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, New Mexico, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Virginia and Texas participate in the network. More information may be found at

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