Vigilant Eats now sells organic, vegan cereal online

Vigilant Eats now sells organic, vegan cereal online

Since Vigilant Eats was launched in October 2011, more than 200 retailers around the country carry the cereal.

On Aug. 1, Vigilant Eats will begin selling its certified all-organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, and vegan oat-based cereal online at

The nutrient-rich cereal, which is currently being sold in stores throughout the United States, features superfood ingredients such as goji berries, cacao nibs, and hemp powder as well as low-glycemic whole food sweeteners including coconut palm sugar, yacon root powder, and maple powder.

The cereal comes in a single-serving container with a collapsible spoon inside. Only cold water needs to be added. “It could easily be considered the healthiest convenience food on the planet,” said the cereal’s Bloomington-based creator Doug Siegel.

A protégé of naturopathic doctor Jack Soltanoff, Siegel quickly realized that an increasingly health-conscious public is searching for easy-to-prepare, high-quality foods. With that in mind, Siegel developed the recipe and ultra-convenient packaging style for busy parents and their children, athletes, workers, and retirees.

Since VE was launched in October 2011, more than 200 retailers around the country carry the cereal, including New York City’s Organic Avenue. According to buyer Suzanne Kvilhaug, VE has filled a huge void in a niche market and is consistently the top-selling product at Organic Avenue’s 10 stores. “People are always on the go and looking for something affordable, tasty, and super healthy—and this is it,” she said. “Vigilant Eats is the most exciting new product on the market today.”

In July, airport food and beverage operator Cibo Express//OTG Management began promoting Vigilant Eats in its 55 locations. "Being able to maintain a balanced and healthy diet while on the road is essential, and therefore essential to us," said OTG Concept Chef Michael Coury. "That is why we are excited to be offering travelers delicious gluten-free, vegan options by working with dedicated partners like Vigilant Eats."


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