Virginia Dare Offers New Coconut Water Flavors

Coconut water continues to catch on in the U.S. as a lifestyle beverage and natural sports drink. Celebrity usage and endorsements have created an appealing high profile hipster-chic image of the beverage. Coconut water, which is extracted from young green coconuts, appeals to health-conscious consumers because of the product’s high level of electrolytes.

According to Beverage Marketing estimates, sales of coconut water have doubled in the last year in the U.S., with leading brands being Vita Coca, Zico and O.N.E. Sales of coconut water in Brazil currently top $300 Million.

Traditional coconut waters are not flavored, and can often be perceived as slightly salty and mouth drying. The beverage application specialists at Virginia Dare continue to lead the way in developing the trendiest and best tasting new flavors for coconut water.

The latest new coconut water flavors from Virginia Dare include the following: Maqui Berry, Strawberry White Tea, Nectarine Rose, Orange Blossom Rooibos, Earl Grey Black Tea, Guava, Papaya Passionfruit, and Cherry Vanilla. The acceptance of these new flavor choices has been supported by consumer taste panels.

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