Vita•Pak Earns Second Straight ‘A’ Rating In NNFA GMP Re-certification

Anaheim, CA – Merical Vita-Pak Inc., a closely held custom contract packaging company specializing in the nutrition industry, received its second straight ‘A’ rating during its recent Natural Nutritional Foods Association (NNFA) GMP re-certification audit.

During its initial audit in March 2000, MVP became the nation’s first custom contract packager to receive NNFA GMP Certification. In recapping his audit performed in June 2003, Jeffrey T. Yuen (NNFA Certification Auditor) wrote, “…(MVP’s) certification score corresponds with an ‘A’ rating. It is with pleasure that I endorse the recertification of this company as the company continues to operate in adequate compliance with NNFA GMP requirements.”

Discussing the company’s long standing focus on quality and service, D. Dean Baltzell, Chairman and CEO of Merical Vita•Pak Inc. said, “Merical has built a solid reputation over the years based on its commitment to maintaining the highest quality packaging standards in the industry. Re-certification at the ‘A’ level really validates the hard work all of our employees have put into our company.” Jeffrey Stallings, company president, added, “We certainly feel we offer our customers a unique combination of high quality services and very competitive pricing.”

About Merical Vita•Pak Inc.

MVP provides custom primary and secondary packaging services to a variety of industries. Since beginning operation nearly forty years ago, MVP has grown into one of the largest custom contract packagers in the western United States. The company’s success is based on exceptional service and quality. MVP maintains licenses with the state and federal FDA, California Board of Pharmacy, and Natural Nutritional Foods Association (NNFA).

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