Vitafoods 2010: The Best Just Got Better

Since it was established in 1997, Vitafoods has successfully positioned itself as the must-attend global nutraceutical event of the year. For a show with 13 years experience in the industry, there is never the concern that it might stagnate, as time and again, the organizers manage to deliver an event that brings quality, innovation, creativity – and surprise – on every possible level. From brand new exhibitors with cutting-edge products, to exciting educational features that can add that invaluable point of difference to a business, this year’s show is already on track to push industry boundaries like never before.

And why not? If last year’s event is anything to go by there’s certainly a market for it and consumer research from Datamonitor[1] backs this up too. In a recent report on attitudes and trends towards functional food, drinks and ingredients, the body highlighted that the market is entering into a critical era. Rather than consuming food simply to maintain everyday health, consumers are now seeking to optimise their performance and reduce the risk, or delay the onset of disease through the consumption of functional foods and drink. This is true of the older and younger generations, both of whom are more aware of dietary issues than ever before and are actively monitoring and adjusting their consumption patterns accordingly.

Which is why exhibitions like Vitafoods are so important. As the leading global event of its kind, the show brings together the experts in the manufacturing, distribution, retail, import, export and research fields for the health food, functional food and drink, dietary supplements, household products, natural and herbal medicine, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, enabling leaders to come together and brainstorm ways to create products that meet these needs.

It is this unique focus that has led to consistent year-on-year growth for Vitafoods. The 2009 event saw a 15% increase in stand space and this translates into visitor numbers too. More attendees travelled to the show than ever before last year (many of whom don’t attend any other trade shows), recording a 7% increase over 2008. There was a broad international split too, with visitors coming from as far afield as the Americas and Asia as well as across Europe.

The international element is reflected in the number of country pavilions taking part this year. These areas make it simpler for visitors to find all products and information related to a specific country or continent. This year, there will be pavilions from France, India, China, Korea, the Americas, WUSATA and AWEX. And if the internationality of the show isn’t enough of a draw in itself, then there is a full programme of educational features to keep visitors up-to-date with the very latest products, regulations, research and more.

The free-to-attend Vitafoods Discussion Forum will be looking at the EU Claims Regulation, examining the need for new marketing strategies in Europe. Held on Thursday 20 May between 9-10.30am and led by Simon Pettman from EAS, the discussion forum will bring together leading experts in marketing and regulation to provide a unique insight into:

· What action is being taken to make the claims regulation more workable?

· Whether the claims will make it through the system?

· How much investment is it worth putting into a claims application?

· What alternative marketing methods are possible?

Since a large audience is expected, the organisers are offering participants the opportunity to send their questions for the panellists in advance. To do so, email [email protected]. In addition to the Discussion Forum, EAS will also be holding one-to-one free strategic advice sessions, tailored to the specific needs of the company involved. Topics will include up-to-date regulatory and strategic advice on product formulas, labelling and claims in order to assist companies with their marketing plans.

Also joining this year’s compelling educational line-up will be the Supplier Seminar Theatre. Always a popular attraction, this free-to-attend feature is crammed full of new products, developments and discoveries. Exhibitors will be demonstrating their latest innovations to a captive and target audience whilst customers benefit from seeing the product in action. The agenda is already filling-up fast –signed-up so far to present this year are companies including Fortitech Europe, Ocean Nutrition Canada, DSM Nutritional Products, Catalent, Ingredia Nutritional, Epax, Cognis, Danisco, Lonza, Lipid Nutrition and Chr. Hansen amongst others.

VitaTrend, a joint initiative between Innova Market Insights and Vitafoods completes this year’s educational programme. At the show, central trends on nutraceuticals and functional foods will be brought together in presentations indicating where we are heading in the health and wellness world.

Innovation and creativity are two central themes that will be running through the New Products Zone this year. Companies with brand new market launches are eligible to enter their products for display in the feature, which is located in the registration area. But it’s not just the New Products Zone which is bursting with innovation. This year’s exhibitors also have a great deal of creativity to keep visitors interested.

Carotech [stand 989] the first and largest palm tocotrienol/tocopherol producer in the world will bring visitors up to speed on the latest research and application strategies for Tocomin® SupraBio™ and Tocomin® 50%C-Cosmetic grade. The patented SupraBio™ system (US Patent No. 6,596,306; EP 1,170,003) is a self-emulsifying delivery system that guarantees consistent and enhanced absorption of tocotrienols by up to 300%. It is the most bioavailable tocotrienol/tocopherol complex in the market.

On stand 951, Grap’Sud will present its new product range, Oleogrape®. Oleogrape is new to the market and combines olive and grape benefits, presenting a high anti-free radical scavenging action (ORAC). Oleogrape® comprises two products: grape seeds and olive extracts (OPCO) and red grape and olive extracts (PPRO). Some in vitro and animal studies show that PPRO has a positive effect on weight regulation.

Naturex [stand 840] will be presenting the latest addition to its NAT life range, Cereboost at Vitafoods 2010. An innovative ingredient for brain health, Cereboost is made from American ginseng and in a recent scientific study, demonstrated a significant positive impact on mental function.

Solchem Nature [stand 778] will be presenting JointSolTM – a special nutraceutical blend for people suffering from joint pain and movement restriction. JointSolTM is a scientifically developed food supplement that helps in the treatment of joint illness, especially in osteoarthritis, but also it helps the body to build bone structure and avoid bone losses due to osteoporosis.

Chr Hansen [stand 518] will present two new probiotic strains within the Probio-Tec range; Lactobacillus F19® and Lactobacillus fermentum PCC®. All of the products in the company’s product range for the dietary supplement, infant formula and pharmaceutical industries have a documented effect and are proven to be stable and safe in multiple applications.

Vitae-Caps [stand 751] will be showcasing its range of products for the food and cosmetic sectors: VitapheroleÒ T ECO (natural mixed tocopherols) and VitapheroleÒ E ECO (natural Vitamin E). As the only European producer of natural vitamin E for organic farming, Vitae Caps’ products are approved to be used as raw materials in the production of organic food with ECOCERT certification for VitapheroleÒ T and VitapheroleÒ E products.


Fenchem [stand 946] will present a newly launched high quality stevia extract at Vitafoods 2010. Marketed under the brand NeuVia, the high purity rebaudioside A is compliant with the JECFA standards approved by FAO/WHO in 2004. NeuVia™ Reb A is a nice-tasting natural sweetener extracted from Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni using innovative technology. It is heat-stable, pH-stable, and does not ferment, which makes it an ideal sweetener for many foods and beverages.

At the show for the first time this year will be Food Ingredient Solutions LLC [stand AP21]. The company, which produces natural colours, will be introducing a new line of patented natural pigments. These can be used to replace synthetic lake colours and carmine for those wishing to avoid synthetic colours due to the impending regulation changes.

The natural pigments can be used in candy or tablet coatings, in compound coatings (white chocolate), in oils and can be plated onto sugar/salt, etc. In addition, the coatings are available in liquid dispersions, such as in sucrose for candy panning, and in powder blends, including a one step tablet coating system which can be used to coat tablets and confections without titanium dioxide.


Vitafoods Conference

The Vitafoods Conference has built an international reputation within the nutraceuticals industry as a high-quality conference delivering a programme that covers the hottest topics and themes in food ingredients. Organised by Leatherhead Food Research, the conference attracts some of the leading industry figures to share their latest findings and discoveries and last year, drew in over 250 delegates. Each year, the programme is tailored to meet the needs of an ever-changing industry and 2010 is no different. Workshops have already been confirmed on the following topics with more in the pipeline.


Day 1 (Tuesday 18 May) will look at the market for functional foods, gut health and diabetes. Chris Brockman from Leatherhead will kick off the first session by examining the global functional food market 2010 and beyond. Professor Robert Rastall from Reading University in the UK will go on to look at Oligosaccharides and their prebiotic function whilst Dr Marion Priebe from University Medical Center Groningen will uncover the mysteries surrounding whole grain foods and the prevention of type 2 diabetes.


Key topics on Day 2 (Wednesday 19 May) will include a look at mental performance, weight management, heart health, personalised nutrition, reproductive health and diet & immunity. Professor Martin Yeomans from the University of Sussex will look at the psychological approaches to understanding satiation and satiety. Ewa Hudson from Euromonitor will look at heart-healthy food ingredients whilst Dr Susan Wopereis from TNO will examine the application of nutrigenomics in nutrition research – from concept to claim.


Finally on Day 3 (Thursday 20 May), Sebastian Romero Melchor a lawyer at Food Law Consultants will delve into the topic of Legal Action against EFSA / European Commission whilst Caroline Tyler from MHRA will present on medicine or food: a regulatory view of health claims. All of these speakers – and more – can be heard presenting at the Vitafoods Conference this year.

For further information on exhibiting or sponsorship opportunities at Vitafoods or for information on visiting the shows, please visit or join us on LinkedIn at

[1] Functional food, drinks and ingredients: Consumer attitudes and trends, February 2008

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