Vitamin Angel Alliance Sends Nutritional Supplies To Katrina Refugees

Santa Barbara, CA (PR WEB) August 31, 2005 – Vitamin Angel Alliance has begun consolidating multiple vitamins and children’s chewable vitamins to send to the refugees from Hurricane Katrina. To help stave off malnutrition, and lessen the likelihood of opportunistic infections and disease, Vitamin Angels is working with a consortium of companies in the natural products and pharmaceutical industries to help bring in emergency nutritional supplies to the refugees from New Orleans and people affected in the surrounding states.

Vitamin Angels in partnership with other relief organizations, local churches and emergency personnel is working to consolidate vitamin shipments in Texas that will begin being trucked in as early as next week.

“Within 12 hours after the news on Hurricane Katrina broke, companies were calling us offering to help.” said Howard B. Schiffer, Vitamin Angel Alliance President. Anthony Alfonso, the President of Nutri-Force Nutrition said, “Our neighbors need us and we will be there for them. Living in Miami we know first hand what they are going through.” NOW Foods and Pharmachem Laboratories are now organizing major donations for the relief effort. “We expect large donations in the coming weeks,” said Schiffer, “Our intention is to keep this warehouse full so we can help the refugees stay healthy during the coming months”.

Vitamin Angel Alliance is a non-profit, non-sectarian organization dedicated to providing basic nutrition and fighting vitamin A deficiency childhood blindness around the world since 1994. Last year Vitamin Angels donated 23.4 million supplements to people in need in 40 countries around the world.

“We’re all in this together,” said Schiffer. “The only real insurance in any natural disaster is human kindness and generosity.”

For more information, visit

Howard B. Schiffer
Ph: 805 565 9919

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