From Vitamin Era To The Era Of Anthocyanidins

From Vitamin Era To The Era Of Anthocyanidins

In modern time, though the research of antibiotic and vitamin get deep development,but it still can not solve the modern diseases such as heart brain blood vessel disease,diabetes, cancer etc.,also the inferior health status;Let alone solve people's promoting longevity, anti-aging problem.Scientific research indicates that:If once solve the infringement problem of the free radical, human cells can really grow up freely, people's average life span is sure to be up to 125 years old. So people's life-span size depends on the power of the anti-oxidant abilities to resist free radical of people directly, and the discovery of Anthocyanidins help people find the simplest and effectivest method for anti-oxidant and anti-aging.

The discovery and application of anthocyanidins enable human enter the era of anthocyanidins in the 21st century from the vitamin times in the 20th century,

As a professional natural products manufacturer,Changsha Huacheng Biotech ,Inc.(HBI) has been devoted to developing ripe & reliable natural plant extracts for our customers all the time.Following is the brief description of our anthocyanindins products.
1. Anthocyanidins(Anthocyanins,Anthocyanosides,Anthocyanin) Series Products

2. Molecular structural formula of Anthocyanidins

Chemical structure of anthocyanidins

3 Several detection methods of QC
A. EP Method
B. CP Method
C. Non-standard method(only test total polyphenol ) ,
We especially recommend A & B.

4 .About European bilberry P.E.& Chinese bilberry P.E.
In 2007 , a Japanese professor pointed out that most bilberry products from China were mixed with fake products such as grape seed P.E. , as they take the leak of the un-standard test method . And this viewpoint caused the unsalable of Chinese Bilberry P.E. in the market . So the other outer China anthocyanins manufacturers took this opportunity to advertise European Bilberry P.E. at the same time , it caused the “European blood” Bilberry extract’s price more twice as much as Chinese Bilberry extract while based on the same European test method.
It’s our opinion that it’s just few badness factory did the mixed fake products , but most of Chinese Bilberry extract has good quality . We have concluded the reason of mixed fake products : A, Few bad reputation producer pursue the unmoral profit .B, Some buyer or middleman ‘s test method and test equipment are not qualified , they can not distinguish real products or fake products. C, Some buyer offered too low price , this forced some supplier did the mixed fake products .
Our another opinion : there is no evidence indicated that only European Bilberry P.E. Anthocyanin has better function , in fact Chinese Bilberry has the same function when based on same Anthocyanin content . So we suggest that Chinese Bilberry P.E. with the ame function , good quality & price is your best choice!

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