Vitamin-loaded Drink, ProEndorphin(TM), Reintroduced

St. Louis, MO (Dec. 16, 2004) ­– The old holiday formula of eating, drinking and being merry can be fun, but has its repercussions. The latest scientific studies tell us lack of sleep triggers the appetite. Couple that with the tendency of many Americans to reach for a carbohydrate-laden and/or caffeine pick-me-up, and you have a recipe for low energy and obesity.

Now, ProEndorphin™, a caffeine-free, vitamin-rich nutritional supplement, offers an energy-boosting alternative. Recommended by many nutritionists, including celebrity trainer Oz Garcia—who works with Tyra Banks, Robert DeNiro and others—the product helps increase energy instantly.

“ProEndorphin is extremely effective at increasing energy and endurance,” said Garcia. “Its novel combination of vitamins, amino acids, and herbs is especially useful before workouts and to cure the three o’clock slump, when people turn to sugar or unhealthy carbohydrates for a lift.”

“It’s loaded with everything that’s good for you, especially lots of B vitamins including B1 (Thiamin), B6 and B12,” said Jennifer Jamieson Cherry, president of St. Louis-based Nutraceutics Corporation, which created ProEndorphin. “It gets you going, and it even minimizes the side effects of too much ‘holiday spirit’ the night before.” Nutraceutics produces nearly 20 botanically-based products that are created with the same raw materials and manufacturing standards used by the leading pharmaceutical companies.

ProEndorphin was created 20 years ago by Cherry’s father, the company’s pharmacologist and former product-development consultant to several major pharmaceutical companies. He developed ProEndorphin for athletes, to help improve their stamina and reduce the lactic acid buildup that impairs optimum performance. The product has now been reformulated as an effervescent packet of nutrients (including a unique, water-soluble Ginseng) that’s simply added to a glass of water.


About Nutraceutics Corporation

Established in 1994, St. Louis-based Nutraceutics Corp. is recognized for its commitment to formulating, manufacturing and testing nutritional supplements with the same exacting standards demanded by the pharmaceutical industry. The company’s mission is to provide consumers with the highest-quality products, helping people improve their quality of life by reaching their nutritional, physical and psychological goals. The successor to a pharmaceutical manufacturing company with a 60-year legacy, Nutraceutics has created innovative products that have won the trust of health care professionals worldwide. For details visit

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