Vitamin Relief Brings Needed Nutrition to School District Resurrecting After Katrina

(Ojai, CA) This summer Vitamin Relief USA ( ) and Tishcon Corp (
joined Bay St. Louis-Waveland School District of Mississippi to launch a free vitamin distribution program
designed to help reverse health problems in the area’s developing children. In a school district completely
crushed by Hurricane Katrina, many of the families with children attending Bay-Waveland schools are unable
to provide such basic necessities as a hot nutritious meal or food for sack lunches. Families are also exposed
to harmful bacteria and mold created by the massive flooding from the hurricane as well as the area’s high

School nurses report that children are suffering from allergies, asthma, respiratory problems as well as stress
related illnesses such as headaches and gastritis. The health and well-being of the children have been a
concern for parents and teachers alike, but thanks to projects such as Vitamin Relief USA, that concern is
being met with action. Vitamin Relief is now providing the Bay St. Louis- Waveland School Districts with ongoing
supplies of high quality children’s chewable multi-vitamins for all its students.

Bay St. Louis- Waveland school district officials were able to open schools again last year, though all classes
are now held in metal trailers. Many of the families who attend the schools are still busy rebuilding their lives as well as their bodies. 60-70% of the families still find themselves living in FEMA trailers. It is of the utmost
importance that the children living in these conditions receive nutritional support to help strengthen their
immune systems so their bodies can fight off harmful mold, bacteria and viruses in their environment and
handle the stress of their difficult lives. As many of these trailers and living conditions are not equipped for hot food preparation, home cooked meals for most of these children are non-existent. For many children,
malnourishment is a serious problem.

“Vitamin Relief USA is spearheading this free vitamin program to provide these children with the nutritional
support they need. The fallout from malnutrition is not only evident in the daily life of a malnourished child, it
also negatively impacts their entire family. Malnourished children feel sick, anxious, tired, and unmotivated.
These parents are already dealing with so much. Helping improve their children’s health relieves some of the
parents’ stress so they can focus on the daunting tasks before them,” says Vitamin Relief USA’s Executive
Director Michael Morton.

Recent reports have surfaced in the press saying that many of the FEMA trailers are contaminated with toxicity
levels far higher then healthy bodies can handle, let alone malnourished systems, as is the case for many of
the trailer’s inhabitants. The toxic element reportedly found in the trailers is Formaldehyde, a common wood
preservative used in the trailers’ building materials. According to reports, Formaldehyde gas is emitting from
the walls of some of the FEMA trailers and families are unknowingly inhaling the toxic fumes. Currently the
Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention are conducting a study on this issue at the request of
FEMA. However, The US Environmental Protection Agency reports that exposure to low levels of Formaldehyde can cause a number of health proble ms including eye and throat irritation, fatigue, and nausea, but higher levels, such as the ones found in the trailers, can lead to difficulty breathing, attacks in people with asthma, and has caused cancer in animals and may cause cancer in humans.1 For people with decreased immune systems due to already unhealthy conditions, this exposure to toxins can be even more harmful. It is of extreme importance that these people are given the proper nutritional support to keep as healthy as possible while the research by the CDC is conducted.

By supporting the schools through an on-going supply of daily multi-vitamins, school administrators are able to
ensure that their students are receiving the recommended daily amounts of essential vitamins and minerals to
help the children’s already taxed bodies during this difficult time. At all participating schools, school health
administrators distribute freshly manufactured, high-quality multi-vitamin/minerals to the parents of attending
students. Educational information packets are distributed along with the vitamins so that family members will
understand the importance of nutrition in helping to support their children’s health.

“Our vitamin programs have a track record of helping malnourished children become healthier and gain
emotional balance, immune support, mental alertness and concentration, better grades, school attendance,
and even self confidence. These daily multivitamins are extremely helpful for these children, particularly if the
reports of Formaldehyde gas in the FEMA trailers are true.” comments Michael Morton.

Thanks to the generous donation of multi-vitamins from Tishcon Corporation, Vitamin Relief USA was able to
jump-start this initiative to improve the health and well-being of children and their families throughout Bay St.
Louis. “Tishcon Corp has shown their great generosity for those in need for many years now. We are very
grateful to them.” says Morton. Tishcon Corp donated 3 million vitamins for Vitamin Relief USA’s Katrina Relief
Program soon after Hurricane Katrina landed two years ago. Since 2000, Tishcon Corp has contributed over
44 million vitamins for Vitamin Relief USA’s children and adult programs across the country.

“Vitamin Relief invites everyone to join with us to help with this serious situation in our nation’s own backyard.
To grow stronger as a nation, we must first take care of our own. We can make a tremendous contribution in
these families’ health, their future and the future of our nation,” says Michael Morton.

Vitamin Relief USA has received the highest rating, two years in a row, from Charity Navigator, the renowned charity watchdog organization. Independent audits show that 93% of donated funds go directly to Vitamin Relief USA programs.

Vitamin Relief USA currently provides daily multivitamins to more than 26,000 needy children at more than 300 sites in 33 states across the United States. Vitamin Relief USA has expanded under the umbrella of Nourish America, to not only provide multivitamins but also natural, functional and organic food products and health education to those in need in America.

Nourish America is a dba of Vitamin Relief USA, a tax-exempt, non-profit organization committed to improving the health status of children, seniors and adults at risk for malnutrition through vitamin supplementation, health education, and donations of nutritional foods. To support Nourish America - Vitamin Relief USA, or for further information, please call 866-487-1484 or visit the website at

Vitamin Relief Brings Needed Nutrition to School District Resurrecting After Katrina – Sept 13, 2007 – page 3
Tishcon Corp., founded in 1976, is a leading manufacturer and marketer of vitamins, related dietary and herbal
supplements and private label non-prescription (OTC) pharmaceuticals. Some major products are Q-Gel® Forte, Q-Gel®
Ultra,Q-Gel® Mega and the recently introduced Hydrosoluble Chew Q® 30mg and 100mg chewable tablets and Liquid

A full service manufacturer, Tishcon Corp. also specializes in technologies aimed at enhancing the bioavailability of nutraceuticals. Revolutionary technological developments include Bio Solv® – hydro soluble softgels, which enable quickand optimum absorption of vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts.

Tishcon Corp. is registered with the U.S. FDA, NY State Board of Pharmacy, and is GMP Certified by the NNFA and NSF.
Additionally, Tishcon has received Certification from the USP under their Dietary Supplement Verification Program (DSVP) for 7 of their Q-Gel products.

For further information, visit; call 1-800 848-8442 or write to: [email protected].
For media inquiries contact Karla Newendorp, of Christie Communications, at (805) 962-1347, or by email at
[email protected].


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