VitaRocks distribution spreads across Pheonix

VitaRocks distribution spreads across Pheonix

To Go Brands announced that all 50 Hi Health stores in the greater Phoenix area are now carrying its newest and coolest product—VitaRocks.


To Go Brands, a leading manufacturer of high quality, all-natural, vitamins and nutritional supplements, announced that all 50 Hi Health stores in the greater Phoenix area are now carrying its newest and coolest product—VitaRocks(TM). VitaRocks(TM) pop in your mouth making them a fun way to get vitamins and minerals kids (and adults) need to build strong, healthy bodies. Unlike other vitamins marketed towards children, VitaRocks(TM) are made from all-natural ingredients, have zero artificial colors, flavors or other ingredients and are sweetened with only a small amount of brown rice syrup and evaporated cane juice. VitaRocks(TM) are also a great alternative to gummy vitamins, which dentists advise against due to their sticky nature and tendency to damage fillings or other dental hardware.

"Proper nutrition is key to developing not only healthy teeth and gums, but healthy bodies in general," said Dr. Dan Matthews, a dentist practicing out of Austin, TX. "And just as we advise our patients not to eat sticky candy because of the damage it can do to teeth and dental appliances, we offer the same advice when it comes to gummy vitamins."

VitaRocks(TM) come in two delicious flavors—cherry and lemon burst—and each pack contains 50% of the recommended daily value of vitamins and minerals.

In addition to making VitaRocks(TM), To Go Brands makes great tasting supplements made from fruits and vegetables as well as antioxidant tea blends, energy chews and digestive aids.

About To Go Brands

To Go Brands is committed to creating high quality, all-natural, great tasting and easy to use products for those of us striving to remain healthy in today's fast-paced society. We saw a great need for providing you, the health conscious customer and your family, with great tasting, convenient to use, "super healthy" products. We knew from our own lives of the desire to supplement our daily needs for plant nutrients from green foods, fruits and vegetables, while also providing the many benefits of high antioxidant teas and herbs. Therefore, we formed our "Healthy To Go"(R) line of naturally antioxidant rich drink mixes as a convenient, nutritional solution for all of us to easily enjoy when we can't eat all of the fruits and vegetables that we all know we should daily!

The Healthy To Go(R) line contains 100% natural, antioxidant rich drink mixes, made with organic ingredients, in convenient stick packs, designed to pour directly into a water bottle. Operating under the philosophy, healthy nutrition supports a healthy body. The Healthy To Go(R) product line includes: Go Greens Super Fruits and Veggies(TM), Acai Natural Energy Boost(TM), Green Tea Energy Fusion(TM), Extreme Berries(TM). and our newest release—VitaRocks(TM).

About Hi-Health Stores

Since 1972, with 47 retail stores Hi-Health has been helping people improve their health through better nutrition. We offer our customers the highest quality health foods and nutritional supplements. Our well trained and experienced staff is dedicated to providing customers the best product information and customer service available from a health food store. Hi-Health has been under the same ownership, direction and leadership for over thirty-eight years. Our persistent commitment to quality and customer service has made us a recognized leader in the health food industry. The country's most respected shopping center developers have actively sought to include our stylish and innovative stores in their properties. For more information on Hi-Health and their products visit their website at

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