Vitiva Launches a Highly Concentrated Rosmarinic Acid

Vitiva introduces AquaROX(TM), a water-soluble atioxidant rosmarinic acid with a concentration up to 70% for the dietary supplements and food markets. The product is completely soluble in water and has a wide range of various concentrations ranging from 5% to 70% of rosmarinic acid active ingredient.

“Rosmarinic acid is a well known antioxidant, however, up till now only relatively low concentrations products were commercially available to the market. This had limited its use to a very narrow number of applications,” explains Mr. Ohad Cohen, Vitiva’s CEO. “This breakthrough product line opens great opportunities for nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals producers. For example, AquaROX(TM) can be used in capsules and thus saving space or reduce the size of the tablets.
Besides the antioxidative properties, rosemarinic acid has specific antimicrobial and antimicotic properties that are important for cosmeceuticals formulations. “

AquaROX(TM) is a powerful water soluble antioxidant that can be used in all water based applications like energy beverages and bars, breakfast cereals etc, as well as in cosmetics products. In many cases blends with other natural antioxidants can provide synergistic effects. These blends are suitable for applications where it is important to preserve stability. Since AquaROX (TM) is highly concentrated, it contains fewer ingredients that can effect the organoleptic characteristics of food. Moreover, AquaROX(TM) could also be implemented in other applications such as mayonnaise and processed meat by mixing it with oil soluble rosemary extract. This combination may create a synergistic effect. AquaROX is also available in higher concentrations of up to 60% for very special applications in which tablet volume is critical.

Vitiva offers a full range of deodorized oil and water soluble rosemary extracts at higher and lower concentrations and in powder and liquid forms.

For more information please contact:

Mr. Ohad Cohen, CEO
Tel: +386217888733
E-mail: [email protected]

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