Vitiva Names New CEO

Vitiva, Slovenia, the leading natural rosemary antioxidant producer, has named Mr. Ohad Cohen as the company's new CEO. Mr. Cohen was previously VP Global Sales and Marketing at Frutarom. He decided to join Vitiva in order to lead the company to a key position in the nutraceuticals market.

Cohen has also asked Dr. Harold Wiener, a well known consultant for the nutraceuticals market, to join the senior management team at Vitiva. “Vitiva has an excellent R&D team and together with Dr. Wiener we will be able to lead the company through new challenges in the coming years,” says Mr. Cohen. “Our new strategy includes new joint ventures and acquisitions of nutraceuticals and flavour companies with growth potential. As a proven leader in the production and marketing of natural rosemary extract in Europe, our focus will be in the North American market for natural antioxidants.”

The ROS product line includes a full range of natural oil and water soluble rosemary antioxidants varying from low to high concentrations, in both powder and liquid forms, ensuring superior functionality via minimal dosage levels.

Rosemary derived natural antioxidants, carnosic acid and rosmarinic acid fight free radicals oxidative damage in foods and expand shelf life of nutraceutical and cosmeceutical products.

“We intend to increase sales by developing innovative products based on natural rosemary extracts for a variety of food applications,” says Mr. Cohen. “Consumers are more conscious about the link between food and health. Our ROS product line can turn processed meat and edible oils into healthier foods without compromising the taste and shelf life by avoiding the use of synthetic petrochemical antioxidants.”

Vitiva’s state-of-the-art extraction plant was established in 2003 and is located in Slovenia, near the Austrian border. Production and operations in Vitiva comply with ISO, GMP , HACCP and Kosher. Vitiva is owned by Aktiva Group, a €500 million holding company.

For further information, please contact:

Mr. Ohad Cohen, CEO
Tel: +386217888733
e-mail: [email protected]

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