Vitiva to Showcase SyneROX4 at IFT

Vitiva, Slovenia, launches SyneROX4®, a natural oxidation-management solution for extending the shelf life of whole-milk powder and other concentrated milk products, while providing complete anti-rancidity protection. Vitiva will demonstrate SyneROX4 at the IFT show, Chicago, PLThomas booth #S-3803.

Milk powder and similar concentrated milk products, like condensed milk, ice cream preparations, coffee creamers and whole milk-based confectionary fillings, are highly sensitive to oxidation and have very limited shelf life due to high fat content and its nutritional composition. Currently, manufacturers battle this problem by providing special processing and packaging conditions, yet a desirably long shelf life remains elusive.

Utilizing proprietary technologies, technical know-how and R&D applications expertise, Vitiva created its new natural SyneROX4 solution. SyneROX4 protects and maintains the full taste of the final product without altering colour or odour thanks to its unique composition. “By offering SyneROX4 for the dairy market, Vitiva is pioneering use of its specialty rosemary extract formulations toward milk-powder applications, innovatively extending rosemary extract use and guaranteeing its market advantage,” says Dushka Dimitrijevic, Technical sales Director at Vitiva.

SyneROX4 is added to liquid milk at the beginning of milk powder production to protect the milk during processing. It also remains in processed milk in concentration to guarantee a complete anti-rancidity protection. In addition, it provides a minimum of 50% longer shelf life without affecting organoleptic characteristics of the final product.

“SyneROX4 is the best natural choice available on the market as well as a cost-effective solution where other natural solutions, such as tocopherols, are not heat-stable enough and therefore cannot provide sufficient anti-rancidity protection. Meanwhile, producers desire to avoid synthetic antioxidants because of perceived negative impact of the petroleum-derived nature typical to synthetics,” explains Dimitrijevic.

“Vitiva specializes in providing a spectrum of natural rancidity management systems , and SyneROX®4 allows us to offer a wider line of natural solutions to dairy producers and to the dairy food market,“ notes Dimitrijevic “ We plan to bring more such natural solutions to this market during the course of this year.”

About Vitiva:

Vitiva is leading, fast-growing and innovative company providing advanced, application-specific solutions based on natural extracts for the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. Its extensive portfolio includes: VivOX®, INOLENS®, AquaRox® and SyneROX® products for rancidity management as well as other natural solutions covering food safety. As a science-driven company, Vitiva offers extensive technical support to help its customers launch new products in a timely manner.

Visit us at PLThomas booth #S-3803.

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