VivAgave Inulin Launches Nationwide at Whole Foods Market

Answering consumer demand for an organic, kosher and low glycemic inulin to aid digestion, VivAgave(R) announces the launch of its first-to-market inulin, a soluble dietary fiber made from the organic blue agave plant, carried at Whole Foods Market(R) to the end of 2009.

VivAgave(R) inulin promotes several dietary advantages: Agave inulin has minimal impact on blood sugar, is not insulemic and will not raise triglycerides, making it a low glycemic product. Inulin also increases calcium and magnesium absorption which aids essential blood, muscle and nerve functions.

Sold in original and vanilla varieties in a soluble powder form, add organic VivAgave(R) inulin to yogurt, cereal or oatmeal, smoothies, juice, coffee, tea, water, and more. VivAgave(R) inulin is available at $8.49 per seven-ounce bag. Just 40 calories per tablespoon serving, the product has a mildly sweet quality and can also used be used in culinary applications including baking and thickening.

VivAgave(R) is a front-runner in the prebiotic movement using organic blue agave. Prebiotics are non-digestible food ingredients that stimulate the growth beneficial digestive bacteria in the body. Nutritional scientists cite two particular fructooligosaccharides that fully meet the definition of a prebiotic: oligofructose and inulin, both naturally occurring in plants. Just one tablespoon serving of VivAgave(R) accounts for 40 percent of one's daily dietary fiber.

Whole Foods Market(R) will exclusively carry VivAgave(R) through the end of 2009. Learn more about the company and get recipes and nutritional information at

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