Vivitas(TM) Satise® Offers Support for Portion Size and Appetite Control

Purity Life Health Products, Acton, ON - In January 2005, a new product introduced into the Vivitas™ collection of quality natural supplements offers the support people need to eat smaller portions. Vivitas™ Satise® is a satiety aid, and the only one of its kind available to Canadian consumers. In the face of dieting and its subsequent vicious cycle of depravation, temptation, overeating and guilt, Satise® takes weight management products in a whole new direction. Satise® naturally promotes a feeling of satisfaction and fullness from meals, supporting a commitment to healthier eating habits and smaller portions.

Over the past 50 years, portion sizes have soared taking our stomach, waist and hips with them. In 2002, a US study found that portion sizes in fast food restaurants are two to five times larger than they were in the 1950s. Another study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association states that portions of certain foods such as pasta, cereal and beverages have increased dramatically in just the last five years. In fact, portion sizes have never been bigger, and studies show bigger portion sizes encourage overeating—by as much as 56%. For many people, fighting against this lifetime habit of eating larger-than-needed portions has left them feeling helpless to decrease their portion size and still feel satisfied.

Kathleen Dills, Director of Marketing at Purity Life Health Products, who manufactures and distributes the Vivitas™ line, says, “Satise® is an exciting new Vivitas™ product that tackles one of the biggest obstacles to weight loss success—managing hunger. By promoting satiety, Satise® helps people reduce their food intake. And when you can do that, you're better able to stay committed and manage your weight in a sensible, intelligent way.”
You Bring the Commitment, Satise® Offers the Support
While many weight loss products such as appetite suppressants disrupt the physiologic process of hunger, Satise® complements it. During the normal digestion process, certain proteins, fibres and simple sugars are responsible for releasing a compound called cholecystokinin (CCK) into the bloodstream. CCK then acts on the stomach to slow emptying, which induces a feeling of fullness and satiety. The active ingredient in Satise® is a protein extract derived from potatoes using a patented process. When taken as directed before meals, the protein extract in Satise® naturally stimulates the release of CCK to help moderate hunger. Unlike appetite suppressants, which may contain caffeine and PPA (an ingredient found in cough and cold medicines), Satise® does not contain stimulants and therefore does not cause the side effects associated with many weight loss products including insomnia, nervousness, dizziness, nausea and changes to blood pressure. Satise® also promotes feelings of fullness without bloating.

Satise® is a tool for people already committed to a program of healthy eating and exercise. Satise® also offers a full range of other support tools, all included in their three-step FIND THE POWER WITHIN YOU program:
• Step #1: Assess weight status and caloric use with Satise® health calculators
• Step #2: Assess diet and exercise habits with Satise® food choice guidelines
• Step #3: Establish healthy eating and weight management goals
• Satise® Wellness Guide brochure and a comprehensive website: and

Product Information:
Vivitas™ Satise® is available in 60 capsule size, 3 mg per capsule. (PL Code 401 360)
Dosage: One capsule, taken one hour before the two largest meals of the day.

Vivitas™ will support the launch of Satise® with an ambitious marketing and advertising campaign.

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Katherine Zia
[email protected]

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