VIVO Water Helps Better Hydrate Cells

RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA, Calif., May 6, 2004 -- VIVO(TM), or Clustered Water(R), was recently compared with distilled water in a research project conducted by the Chinese Health Care Science and Technology Society (CHCSTS). This international cooperative research on hydration and health proved that VIVO consumption improved cell water distribution for better hydration throughout the body.

Lee Lorenzen, inventor and patent holder for VIVO water, concluded, "The double-blind study documented that in more than 60% of patients, their intracellular hydration increased by more than ten times compared to distilled water. This is very significant news, because VIVO is the first and only patented clustered water on the market with these dramatic and proven hydration studies, plus it tastes great!"

Water is necessary for healthy cell function. It transports oxygen and nutrients to cells, cleans out carbon dioxide and helps dispose waste products. Chronic dehydration has been associated with many abnormal symptoms and poor cell function. Better hydration can even help keep skin soft and healthy. VIVO is the most effective water tested which:

-- Hydrates more effectively
-- Promotes nutrient absorption
-- Improves metabolic efficiency

VIVO is produced through extensive purification and their patented Microcluster Template Induction Process (two USA patents), in which water molecules are broken down into small, stable clusters. These smaller VIVO clusters stimulate water mobility through cell membranes to hydrate cells more effectively than any other structured water tested. VIVO's proven cellular function benefits and great taste helped earn the Best Cold Beverage award by the National Nutritional Foods Association (NNFA).

VIVO is available in concentrates or pre-blended 16.9 fluid ounce bottles and is sold in individual bottles, 6-packs, or 24-bottle cases. Purchase VIVO in the health food section at selected Albertsons, Acme, Great Earth Vitamins, Mother's Markets, Sav-On, and Jewel-Osco locations.

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