VSP Integrates Bioriginal Name

Den Bommel, Holland - Essential fatty acid (EFA) supplier Vegetable Seedoil Products (VSP) has announced it will operate as Bioriginal Europe/Asia effective October 25, 2004. Due to its major business expansion, Bioriginal’s EU office and operations have moved from Nieuwe-Tonge to Den Bommel in Holland. This integration will benefit customers by allowing the continued delivery of high quality products and additional technical support from the international group.

“The renaming of VSP to Bioriginal was a natural progression in the companies’ relationship,” commented Johan Kamphuis, responsible for global marketing and sales and VP, European operations at Bioriginal. “The offices will share marketing, technical application and research opportunities as well as draw on each other for expertise in the ever growing global market relations. Both groups’ customers will benefit from the expanded resources.”

Founded in Canada in 1993, Bioriginal provides EFAs – nutritional fats that are proven to have positive effects on health. EFAs have been shown to play a major role in alleviating the severity and symptoms for a wide range of ailments including heart disease, inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, skin problems, diabetes, premenstrual syndrome, weight management and stress. As consumer awareness of EFAs continues to rise, Bioriginal has benefited from the increase in positive media coverage of omega-3s. The company offers fish oil, known for its for heart and brain health benefits, and flax which recently received an approved health claim in the US.

Bioriginal produces a broad range of high quality EFA products from sources such as borage, evening primrose, black currant, flax and fish oils. These products are available, in a variety of formats such as softgel capsules, bulk oils, emulsions and powders for diverse product applications. Customers also have access to a complete package of support services including dedicated health professionals, scientific research, marketing and legislative advice, packaging and rapid distribution.

For additional information, please contact Carol Reynolds at (306) 975-9614 and [email protected], or Monique Roks at + 31 (187) 618 029 and [email protected]. Visit www.bioriginal.com and www.bioriginal.nl .


Bioriginal is the world’s leading supplier of essential fatty acids (EFAs), with a distribution network which spans six continents and includes offices in Canada, Europe and China. In addition to our signature flax and borage oils, Bioriginal delivers EFA oils from evening primrose, black currant and fish. Bioriginal also produces organic flaxseed products and custom formulations targeting specific health concerns.

Carol Reynolds
[email protected]

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