Vyrex Corporation Announces the Introduction of Carnochrome a Superior Metabolic Chromium Supplement

LA JOLLA, Calif.--(BW HealthWire) -- Vyrex Corporation (OTCBB: VYRX) announced today that its licensee, FutureCeuticals issued the following information in a press release to trade journals and industry publications regarding the introduction of CarnoCrome;

"FutureCeuticals introduces CarnoChrome, a unique dietary supplement that has been proven in vitro and in vivo to aid in glucose metabolism, decrease insulin resistance, and help maintain healthy blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

"Chromium has long been known to be an essential trace metal that was thought to be involved in glucose metabolism and the regulation of insulin's action. Current forms of chromium in the market place have not proven to have a marked effect on these parameters. In nature, chromium can be found in brewer's yeast, whole grain cereals, broccoli, prunes, mushrooms, and beer.

"CarnoChrome is a patented, highly efficacious and safe form of chromium, useful in the treatment of Syndrome X and or insulin resistance.

"Taken in doses from 200 to 1000 micrograms per day CarnoChrome aids in glucose uptake into muscle cells, which is essential for proper metabolic function and maintenance of healthy body weight."

The license agreement gives FutureCeuticals the exclusive rights to develop, and market certain boron and chromium technology covered by Vyrex's Boron Carbohydrate Complexes and Metallic Oligopeptide Complexes patents. The terms of the agreement provides Vyrex with a royalty on gross sales of these products in addition to co-marketing rights.

"We are excited to see that both boron and chromium have reached the commercialization stage" said G. Dale Garlow, President and CEO of Vyrex. In addition to CarnoChrome, Futureceuticals markets their novel form of boron under the trade names FruiteX-B and Osteo-Boron. "The royalty stream will aid in the in-house development of additional novel formulas of mineral complexes covered by our patents that are designed to provide possible health, nutritional, and cosmetic benefits."

Vyrex Corporation is a La Jolla, California based biopharmaceutical company seeking to discover and develop pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products for the treatment and prevention of respiratory, cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases and conditions associated with aging. To date the Company has focused on developing targeted anti-oxidant therapeutics for respiratory, neurological and cardiovascular diseases and the development of nutraceuticals for the dietary support of certain age related conditions. The Company is developing Vantox(R) a new inhalant antioxidant for respiratory conditions associated with oxidative stress. This novel technology has significant potential in a number of respiratory conditions, such as adult respiratory distress syndrome (ADRS), emphysema and asthma. Vyrex has three pre-clinical studies validating Vantox's(R) efficacy in treating oxidative damage.

This press release contains, in addition to historical information, forward-looking statements that involve substantial risk and uncertainty. There can be no assurance that the opinions, beliefs or predictions contained in this press release regarding technologies or operations will be realized in whole or in part. Any restrictions or representations, written or oral, concerning the information contained herein, or opinions regarding future events are solely forward-looking and actual results may be materially different from predictions. There can be no assurance given to actual results of future events.

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