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Wadda New Concept! Waddajuice Combines Convenience and Health with Portable, Sippy Cap(TM) Bottles and Fruit Juice with Reduced Sugar

February 23, 2004--(Westport, CT) Now more then ever shopping habits are being driven by convenience. Self serve containers, especially in the bottle water segment, are experiencing tremendous popularity even though the unit costs are higher. Following this logic are products that are pre-prepared, avoid clean up and re-sealable are all desirable features that drive sales. Waddajuice Inc. was recently created to respond to this growing need with their healthy line of fruit juices for youngsters. They are contained in innovative Sippy Cap™ bottles specifically designed for portability and to avoid waste. Ordinary juice boxes and pouches just can’t compete with these attributes. Plus, Waddajuice is one of the few PET recyclable products for children available at the retail level.

With today’s hectic lifestyle, Waddajuice is perfect for parents and kids on the go. Parents love that Waddajuice eliminates the tedious task of mixing juice and water while the Sippy Cap™ reseals the opening, reducing spills. This protective over-cap system allows kids to sip Waddajuice throughout the day, closing and reopening it between daytime and nighttime activities. Unlike juice boxes and pouches, Waddajuice prevents the need to throw away unused beverages. Moms and Dads no longer have to wash out another container either; the juice is already pre-packaged in convenient eight-ounce bottles. These bottles have grooves on the side that were specifically designed for little hands to grasp and hold onto. So now parents can rest assure that not only are their toddlers getting the proper nutrition in their drink, but no more worries about messy spills.

The bottles are not only convenient, but are sure eye-catchers on the shelf. Kids are naturally drawn to the cartoon graphics and brightly colored labels. Each variety boasts a unique character in the shape of the fruit that corresponds to the juice flavor inside. Retailers will have the opportunity to cross-merchandise Waddajuice as they are appropriate for the juice or natural food section. Because Waddajuice does not require refrigeration, it can be sold as a shelf stable product and/or a refrigerated impulse buy product. Only recyclable, break-resistant clear plastic (PET) is used. This children’s specialty juice is sold in 4-packs or in 24 bottle cases. Each Sippy Cap™ contains 3 pre-cut holes that allow for measured but constant flow of juice when a child sucks on the cap. Each bottle has a heat seal under the cap to ensure long shelf life and product purity.

Waddajuices are geared for toddlers and preschoolers, ages one to six years. They come in four delicious varieties: Wild Berry, Orange, Apple, and White Grape (Wild Berry and Apple are currently available). They are all-natural, containing no additives or preservatives. The fruit juice is mixed with filtered water that is fortified with 100% Vitamin C (the recommended daily intake) and 10% Calcium, ensuring a product that has nutrients normally found in pure juice but without the majority of sugar. In comparison, the sugar contained in many juice boxes and pouches are equal to that of soda. Ordinary juices that are not diluted with water just can’t compare with the convenience and health benefits. Plus, juice boxes and pouches, unlike Waddajuice, include straws that often pose a choking risk for children.

For years parents have been providing juice to their little ones with the notion that the more pure the fruit juice is the better. However, pediatricians all along have been recommending that parents dilute juice in order to minimize the health hazards of all of the sugar, carbohydrates and calories. Concerned father and entrepreneur, Jordan Kerner, heeded his pediatrician’s advice, not only minimizing the sugar for his own kids, but creating this healthy and innovative line of beverages. Waddajuices have up to 75% less sugar, carbs, calories, and sodium. They are an ultra-convenient way parents can feel good about serving their children juice and still keep the sugar content low. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children ages one to six should only consume between four and six ounces of fruit juice a day.

Waddajuices are currently available in specialty retail, grocery, and independent stores. You may contact them by phone at (203) 227-2227, by fax at (203) 227-9993, and they are located at 606 Post Road East, Suite 722, Westport, CT 06880. For product information, digital photos and samples, please contact Christie Communications at (805) 565-4122.

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