Watson-Marlow launches dye pump for food industry

Watson-Marlow launches dye pump for food industry

All 520 series pumps feature patented LoadSure elements, which guarantee easy maintenance and correct loading.

Watson-Marlow pumps offer an aseptic fluid path, which contains fluids within the tube at all times, never allowing fluids to come into contact with the pump mechanism, ensuring gentle, low shear handling of fluid. Reliable, accurate and easy to use, the pump is backed by a five year warranty and covers a wide range of applications including low shear feed for contamination-free metering for dye addition, flavor addition and vitamin addition. There is no need make down the dye or flush out the pump since dye color can be changed in one step by simply switching the tube element. All 520 series pumps feature patented LoadSure™ elements, which guarantee easy one-minute maintenance and correct loading with no snaking, twisting or pinching for quick and accurate loading every time.  

About Watson-Marlow
For over 50 years Watson-Marlow, the leader in peristaltic pump innovation, has been developing products that do more than just move fluids, they improve the process.  Watson-Marlow peristaltic pumps offer ultimate process monitoring through manual, auto or PROFIBUS control.  Our pumps deliver the best combination of pump and drive technology meeting the accuracy and control demands for the food and beverage industry.

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