Weaver Law Group Launches New Web Site Focusing on Client Needs

Chicago, IL (September 20, 2004) – Weaver Law Group, a Chicago based regulatory law firm, today unveiled its new client-focused web site. This site was designed to deliver vital information to visitors and clients, providing an improved interface and easy-to-use navigational tools.

The goal of the site is to not only meet the needs of the firm’s clients and visitors but to also exceed their expectations in ease of use. The site continues to provide informative and enlightening information on each industry represented by the firm, such as the dietary supplements and cosmetics industries.

“This is a natural extension of the ‘go that extra mile’ service that is the hall mark of the firm,” stated from founder Karen Weaver.

The newest feature added to the web site now provides clients with exclusive, password protected access to areas of the web site where data files can be exchanged almost instantaneously. This allows Weaver Law Group to provide its’ clients with the added security of exchanging confidential data without risking security breaches.

Visitors and clients can take advantage of several different forums located within the web site that provide detailed articles and other informative pieces on industry breaking news and events, such as an industry headlines section and a community calendar listing industry related events. Weaver Law Groups’ efforts are to promote a web based environment that is informative and resourceful to all of its’ visitors.

Visit www.weaverlawgroup.com for more information.


Weaver Law Group, LLC

Lisa Ramirez, Office Manager
Email Address: [email protected]
Telephone: 312-876-3686
Fax: 312-876-3680

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