Webinar: Digestive-health Market Overview

Webinar: Digestive-health Market Overview

Getting the goods on gut health — Who knew the plight and might of the American digestive tract would become a common dinner-table topic? It is not surprising when one realizes that 95 million people have recurring digestive problems, and of these, 60 million complain of heartburn, 50 million suffer from irritable-bowel syndrome, and another 20 million deal with painful stomach ulcers, according to the American College of Gastroenterology. Now that consumer awareness about probiotics is at an all-time high, the rest of the digestive-health category is well positioned to introduce products beyond the plop-plop, fizz-fizz pharmaceutical brands.

HOSTED BY: Kimberly Stewart, Editorial Director, Functional Ingredients magazine

SPONSORS: B&D Nutritional Ingredients and Xsto Solutions, distributors of Zinc-Carnosine; Nutraceutix, Probiotic producer and specialized probiotic supplement contract manufacturer; National Enzyme Company, makers of branded BioCore, digestive-health enzymes


Over 60 Million Americans Can Benefit from Zinc-Carnosine. Will They Be Your Customers?

Zinc-Carnosine is the remarkable story of a dietary supplement that has been proven to support stomach health – offering a safe, simple and natural approach. Here, you’ll learn of Zinc-Carnosine’s decade of clinical studies as an alternative therapy and its unique mode of action that supports the natural metabolic defense mechanisms.


For Probiotics, It's All About Quality, Survival and Delivery
Savvy consumers are increasingly aware of the importance of probiotic bacteria. However, confusion remains regarding the various forms and potencies of the probiotic dietary supplements in the market.

  • Probiotics must be expertly produced and conscientiously handled, manufactured and packaged.

  • Probiotics must survive well on the shelf, under a variety of conditions.

  • Probiotics must survive exposure to stomach acid and be delivered alive to the gastrointestinal tract.

Learn how the best products stand out from the crowd.

Tim Gamble, Vice President, Nutraceutix, Inc.


Nutrition and Enzymes

This presentation will focus on the importance of digestion and how good digestive health can help support the health of the rest of the body. Special attention will be given to the role that digestive enzymes play in ensuring that the food we eat becomes the source for energy and nutrients needed to sustain health and vitality.

Nena Dockery, MS, Technical Resources Manager, National Enzyme Company

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