Webinar: The Evolving Evidence for Healthy Blood Sugar

Webinar: The Evolving Evidence for Healthy Blood Sugar

Moving Beyond Glycemic Reduction to Glycemic Health

This webinar will present the scientific evidence for natural resistance starch and explain its benefits in blood sugar management. There will be a focus on its effects on insulin (which moves glucose from the bloodstream into cells), insulin sensitivity and the metabolism of blood sugar control.

Upon completion of this webinar, you will have learned the following key elements of glycemic health:

  • Indentify the short-term impact of reducing the glycemic/blood sugar response of foods
  • Understand the importance of insulin and insulin sensitivity in controlling blood sugar levels for long-term glycemic health
  • Quantify the large, virtually untapped market for glycemic health
  • Review the published clinical studies for natural resistant starch in insulin sensitivity
  • Discover how natural resistant starch shifts metabolism to help consumers break the vicious cycle of improper fat storage, increased insulin resistance, more fat storage, even more insulin resistance...

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