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Weight Loss Foods, Dietary Supplements and Meal Replacements To Be Discussed at Active Communications International Seminar

(Chicago, IL) May 6, 2002 -- Rakesh Amin, a partner at the law firm of Weaver & Amin, will present FDA & FTC Regulatory Issues for Products in the Weight Loss Market at the Active Communications International Seminar in Chicago, July 11-12.

Amin, partner at the Chicago, IL-based law firm of Weaver & Amin and well-known expert in Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) state and federal regulatory and litigation issues, regularly discusses natural products industry issues. Amin's presentation will review weight loss categories including dietary supplements, OTC drugs and meal replacements/functional foods, as well as provide an overview of common weight loss ingredients and DSHEA’s new dietary ingredient notification procedures. The presentation will include the three most common types of claims for weight loss products which are structure/function, nutrient content, and health.

Amin’s presentation will also include information about Federal Trade Commission regulations and enforcement regarding weight loss advertising and claims, in addition to various state and federal Food and Drug Administration regulations on ephedra.

Weaver & Amin concentrates its practice in Food and Drug Administration, Federal Trade Commission, customs and related Federal and State regulatory compliance and litigation matters, contracts, business transactions, trademarks, patents, copyrights, licensing and commercial litigation.

The firm's practice also includes the regulation of many consumer products such as cosmetics, medical devices, dietary supplements, food additives, organics, nutraceuticals, color additives, animal feeds, and biologics. A significant component of the practice involves new product labeling, clinical testing protocols, advertising, and legal and regulatory review of health claims and statements of nutritional support.

For information about regulatory or legal issues, contact Weaver & Amin at (312) 701-0844 or visit the web site at

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