WellMed Extends Content Partnership with Healthnotes

Foodnotes, Weight Management, and Sports Nutrition now available as individual WellMed product offerings

PORTLAND, Ore.-October 7, 2002-Healthnotes, Inc. (HNI), the premier provider of credible, easy-to-use health and lifestyle information, today announced that WellMed, Inc., a health communications company, has expanded its offering of Healthnotes® applications available through the WellMed Health Hub.(tm)

The Healthnotes product expansion will allow WellMed to provide Health Hub clients with Foodnotes,® Weight Management, and Sports Nutrition resources as separate products in addition to the existing suite of Healthnotes applications WellMed currently employs.

"Teaming with Healthnotes allows WellMed to provide our clients with relevant, personalized content for alternative medicine," said Craig Froude, WellMed chairman and CEO. "Extending our content agreement furthers our commitment to helping individuals better manage their health on a daily basis."

"Both Healthnotes and WellMed firmly believe in the importance of providing consumers with credible, unbiased information to manage their health and well-being," stated Schuyler Lininger, HNI president and CEO. "Since March 2001, Healthnotes has been a WellMed content partner and we are proud to expand the choices available to their customers for reliable health and lifestyle information."

Healthnotes provides practical, science-based information on common health concerns, vitamins, herbs, sports nutrition, weight management, and homeopathic remedies. It also covers vital safety information on more than 18,200 potential interactions between supplements and frequently used prescription and over-the-counter drugs. Foodnotes includes nutrition information and a food guide, with tips on how to select, store, and prepare hundreds of foods. Foodnotes also provides information on special diets and food allergies, and quick, tasty, healthy recipes.

The WellMed Personal Health Manager is the personalized consumer interface of the WellMed Health Hub. PHM contains personalized health tools that enable individuals to take control of their health management through risk assessment, goal-setting and communication with their health providers. In addition to other leading industry resources, PHM's product offerings include the Healthnotes suite of applications.

About Healthnotes, Inc.

Healthnotes, Inc. (HNI), is the premier provider of credible, easy-to-use health and lifestyle information for in-store touchscreen kiosk, Internet, and multi-channel initiatives. The Healthnotes® suite of applications provides consumers with practical, comprehensive information at the point of decision-online and in-store. More than 6,500 supermarkets, pharmacies, and natural product stores in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom use Healthnotes retail applications and Web content to educate customers, support staff, build loyalty, and increase sales. Healthnotes also generates behind-the-counter applications that are licensed to Internet sites worldwide. For more information, visit www.healthnotes.com.

About WellMed

WellMed's award-winning online products and services enable individuals to make informed decisions about their health while providing client organizations with business intelligence to proactively address costly health care issues. Organizations that purchase WellMed's solutions include self-insured corporations, health insurance companies, government agencies, pharmaceutical manufacturers and national retailers. WellMed, Inc. is headquartered in Portland, Oregon, with regional offices in Seattle, Atlanta, Boise and Dayton, Ohio. More information about WellMed can be found at: www.wellmed.com.

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Note : HEALTHNOTES and FOODNOTES are registered trademarks of Healthnotes, Inc.

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