Wellness Club Consultant Gives Session on Market Entry Strategy to Hong Kong

American exhibitors participated in a briefing session presented by natural products consultant Wellness Club Ltd in late August.

Organized by Department of Commerce, US Consulate, the briefing session presented at the Natural Products Expo Asia in Hong Kong on 27 August, covered up-to-date market research on market environment and different regulations in Hong Kong. Wellness Club Ltd’s Founder and Director Yolanda Che highlighted various market entry strategies employed by over 160 American brands in the market. Those brands are from 4 categories: organic and natural foods, organic and natural personal care, dietary supplements, and household supplies.

“It is important to note that HK food regulations such as Nutritional Labelling Law are different from that of mainland China. Traders need to take this into account when expanding their business to Greater China region,” said Ms Che. “If dietary supplements are not classified as Traditional Chinese Medicine or Pharmaceutical products, they will fall into the category of packaged foods, under the Nutritional Labelling Law in Hong Kong.”

The implication is that those dietary supplements are required to put on “1+7” food nutritional label, like other food grocery items, unless exemption is granted.

In response to the evolving market situation and regulatory environment in Hong Kong, Wellness Club Ltd. gave away “Market Entry Strategies to HK” guideline to different governmental trade departments exhibiting at the trade show. The guideline covers general market situation, overview of distribution channels, description of entry strategies deployed by F&B, personal care, supplement and household cleaning brands, detailed elaboration of Nutritional Labeling Law, and a hotline.

Ms Che also gave free consultation and advices to exhibitors at the trade show. Her in-depth market analysis and marketing strategies that delivered results had helped traders make a better decision in the market expansion plan to Hong Kong SAR and mainland China. To get a free copy of Wellness Club Ltd “Market Entry Strategies to HK” guideline, email to [email protected].

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