We're on the same team

Your champion of healthy product innovation & science. That's who we are here at Functional Ingredients. You can see this tagline on the cover of this magazine. It took some thought to choose these words, and each one is freighted with meaning. Allow me to explain, in detail you might find alternately excruciating and, perhaps, enlightening:
"Your" is meant to invite you to become part of the effort here. Through our LinkedIn group, regular email correspondence I have with many of you, to website polls and online comment sections, not to mention our conferences and trade shows, this publication is for you — and by you.

"Champion" is what every princess needs. Some knight in shining armor to serve and protect. Through our New Hope Standards Department — the only such group in our industry — we carefully vet advertisements as well as trade show booth materials to make sure everyone is on the right side of the law as far as claims-making goes. When you tour a Natural Products Expo, including the SupplyExpo show floor, you can be confident that the companies exhibiting are communicating (at least in their print materials) words that would appease regulators from the FTC and FDA. To that end, we here at FI want to be the industry advocate, your champion, of the best practices to help drive your business efforts.

"Healthy products" are exactly the core of what we are about. It could be advocating supplements that use better ingredients — vitamin D3 over D2, say, or high-selenium yeast over selenomethionine, or d-alpha-tocopherol over dl-alpha-tocopherol and mixed tocopherols and tocotrienols best of all. It could be educating you about 'better-for-you' ingredients for your processed food products. Trans-fat alternatives for baked goods. The best combination of ingredients that target the range of mechanisms of action for a joint-health line. The natural and healthy products niche within the larger conventional food world is growing fastest of all, and we're here to help you create products that benefit consumer health and wellness.

"Innovation" can be everything from the new can packaging standard in energy drinks (if it's a thin, 8-oz can, it's an energy drink) to new superfruit sources to new ways of formulating condition-specific supplements. We want to be first to present you with over-the-horizon trends and business practices.

"Science" may be our most marketable difference. Functional Ingredients, and our predecessors Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals and Nutrition Science News before that, was the first industry trade publication to include reference citations from the published literature in feature stories — all the better to help readers dig deeper to learn the whole truth about the state of nutrition science. If you're reading this on the web, our references contain hot links to the Pub Med abstracts or even the complete studies. And, even more than the basic research, we connect the dots and apply the science to product formulation.

That's our story and we're sticking to it. We look forward to engaging all of you in this vibrant and innovative healthy-products community. My email address is below. Let's stay in touch.

Your champion,

[email protected]