Window Rock Enterprises and FTC Enter Into Interim Agreement Governing CortiSlim Advertising

BREA, Calif. – Oct. 5, 2004 – Window Rock Enterprises, marketer of the leading weight loss supplement CortiSlim®, today confirmed it is working with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to resolve issues relating to claims the company previously made in its advertising for CortiSlim. The FTC filed a Complaint and a signed Interim Agreement with Window Rock on Thursday, September 30 in continuance of its efforts to regulate weight loss advertising. The FTC also sent 25 Warning Letters to other marketers of weight loss products. The issues raised in its Window Rock complaint focus solely on the language and type of claims made in CortiSlim’s advertising, not on the safety of the product.

“It has always been Window Rock’s policy to actively cooperate and comply with the government agencies that regulate the dietary supplements industry,” said Steve Cheng, president of Window Rock. “Quickly resolving these issues is the best course of action that ensures our ability to continue marketing and distributing products that benefit the health of the American public,” he continued.

Window Rock voluntarily entered into the Interim Agreement, which governs how CortiSlim should be advertised moving forward in an effort to bring its discussions with the FTC to a mutually satisfactory conclusion that allows the FTC to serve its statutory mission and Window Rock to continue marketing CortiSlim in a manner that is beyond reproach. The company plans on taking the same approach in resolving similar concerns expressed by the FDA. Window Rock stands behind the safety and efficacy of its CortiSlim product, and the essential message of good health that the company brings to consumers through its SENSE program, which promotes Stress Management, Exercise, Nutrition, Supplementation and Evaluation.

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Window Rock Enterprises

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