Winnipeg Conference a 'Must': Canada as a Global Functional Food Ingredient Innovator

October 6 and 7, 2003

The Fairmont Hotel , Winnipeg Manitoba

The Canadian nutraceutical, natural health product and functional food industry has garnered a great deal of attention and enthusiasm on the part of governments, the agri-food sector, health care and research communities in Canada for its significant potential to provide:

• Diversification and market growth for Canadian agriculture and marine based industries
• Increased economic development in Canada
• Reduced health care costs for all Canadians
• Improved health and well-being and disease reduction for all Canadians

The Western Canadian industry, in particular, is characterized by small and medium sized companies that are science-based and focused heavily on research and development to leverage health applications of value-added ingredients from basic agricultural commodities grown mostly in the region. The industry is moving increasingly to branding of its ingredients, with larger companies bringing the products to market. Functional food ingredient manufacturers face much different challenges than traditional food producers or supplement manufacturers in many aspects of product development, research and marketing.

This conference will attempt to address these issues through presentations by world renowned speakers as to “How to position Canada as a Global Functional Food Ingredient Innovator”.

The following topics will be highlighted over the two day period:

“What are consumers seeking in regard to functional foods and nutraceuticals?”
Ms. Lyn Ciocca, Health Focus International, NY

“The US experience with functional food ingredients: FloraGlo”
Mr. John Wesler, North American Sales Manager, Kemin Foods, IA

“Agriculture and functional food ingredients: New strategies for success”
Dr. Michael Heasman, Food and Policy expert, Finland

“Functional Foods, Health and Health Care Costs: Opportunities & Issues”
Mr. Ian Newton, Director, Business Development and Regulatory Affairs, Roche Vitamins Inc., NJ

“Herbs and botanicals as functional food ingredients”
Dr. Rob McCaleb, President, Herb Research Foundation, CO

“Using functional ingredients in beverages”
Mr. Donald Wilkes, President, Blue Pacific Flavors, CA

“Functional ingredients: GRAS versus supplements – the route to market”
Mr. Pete Kovacs, President, PMB 449, NV (invited)

“Canadian regulations related to Natural Health Products”
Natural Health Products Directorate, Canada (invited)

“Clinical research in functional foods in Canada”
Dr. Harvey Anderson, Program in Food Safety, University of Toronto, Canada (invited)

“Canadian functional food ingredient supplier - Panel discussion: Opportunities and challenges facing the industry”

Leading members of the Canadian industry will share their opinions related to developing and marketing functional food ingredients.

“Canadian functional food ingredient success stories: The science behind the products”
Leading scientists from the Canadian research community will discuss the science behind recent functional food ingredient innovations.

“Commercialization and technology transfer – how to work with public research institutions and to move a product to market”

Descriptions from Business Development Officers.

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