Winslow’s Robinson Helps Pick SB 20 All-Star Sustainable Stocks

BOSTON, Mass., July 21, 2003 – Winslow Management Company President Jackson W. Robinson put his stock-picking ability to good use during the second quarter of 2003. He not only made the Winslow Green Growth Fund (WGGFX)* one of the best performing mutual funds in the quarter, he also participated in choosing the SB 20.

Robinson was among the “green” money managers chosen by to select the second annual Top 20 All-Star Sustainable Stock Picks – the SB 20. Other managers included in the selection process were Terry Foecke, principal, Materials Productivity; Patrick McVeigh, vice president, investment research, Lowell, Blake & Associates; Eric Becker, vice president and portfolio manager, Trillium Asset Management, and Carsten Henningsen, co-founder and principal, Portfolio 21 mutual fund.

The companies within the SB 20, which were announced in the latest issue of The Progressive Investor, were chosen based on their contributions toward a sustainable environment and their financial strength. Companies on the list range from Electrolux (ELUX), a Swedish company that has produced a solar-powered lawnmower and the most water-efficient appliances on the market, to STMicroelectronics (STM), a French semiconductor company that is an industry leader in recycling and conservation.

“We focused on companies whose products or services benefit the environment, as well as companies that have adopted sustainable business practices,” Robinson said. “We believe evidence is growing that companies that demonstrate outstanding environmental performance historically have outstanding long-term financial performance.”

Companies that are new to the list this year include: Itron (ITRI), whose software enables utilities to collect usage data and optimize the flow of water, electricity and natural gas to conserve resources; Novo Nordisk (NVO), a Danish pharmaceutical company; Novosymes ((NVZMF.PK), a spin-off from NVO that produces “green chemicals” made from benign enzymes and microorganisms; Power Integrations (POWI), which produces a chip that makes appliances more energy efficient; U.S. footwear company Timberland (TBL), and Wainwright Bank (WAIN), a U.S. bank that emphasizes environmental impact in its lending practices.

Making the SB20 list for the second consecutive year, in addition to Electrolux and STM, were: Chiquita (CQB), the U.S. banana company; Ballard Power Systems (BLDP) and Fuel Cell Energy (FCEL), both leaders in fuel-cell technology; Green Mountain Coffee (GMCR), which incorporates fair trade and sustainability practices into coffee production; Henkel (HNKG.BE ), an environmentally efficient German chemical company; Herman Miller (MLHR), a U.S. furniture designer using wood from sustainable forests; British dairy company Horizon Organic Dairy (HCOW); JM Inc. (JM.ST), a Swedish real estate and construction company; Swiss Re (RUKN:SWX), which bases its insurance premiums on clients’ environmental impact; United Natural (UNFI), a U.S. natural food distributor; Vestas (VEST.CO), a Danish wind turbine manufacturer, and Whole Foods (WFMI), the largest natural foods retailer in the U.S.

United Natural and Whole Foods are also in the WGGFX portfolio, which finished the second quarter with a return of 43.86%*.

”Our goal is to create a list that showcases the top companies leading the way to a sustainable society,” said Rona Fried, PhD., CEO of and editor of The Progressive Investor. “It is not a ‘buy’ list and it does not constitute a diversified portfolio based on industry, market cap or country allocations. It is simply a list of our favorite companies that are both strong financial and sustainability performers - at this time.”

The Progressive Investor is a monthly financial newsletter available by subscription. Each issue draws on a group of world-class sustainable investment analysts for their insights and opinions on viable investments in the “green” business sector.

Winslow Management Company ( seeks to invest in high growth and environmentally effective companies. From its inception in 1984, Winslow has been investing the assets of high-net-worth individuals, non-profit institutions, and pension funds in growth companies that are environmentally sensitive. Based in Boston, Winslow manages assets totaling approximately $190 million as of 7/16/03.

*Performance quoted represents past performance and does not guarantee future results.

Forum Fund Services, LLC is the distributor for the Winslow Green Growth Fund. For additional information about this Fund, including fees and expenses, request a prospectus by calling 888-314-9049. Please read the prospectus carefully before investing.

The Green Century Balanced Fund is distributed by UMB Distribution Services, LLC 07/03.


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Kowal Communications, Inc.
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