Women's Concerns Over Hormone Replacement Treatment Help to Boost Soy Sales

NEW YORK, July 16 -- Health concerns associated with hormone replacement therapy (HRT), like stroke and an increased risk of breast cancer, are causing many women consumers to try soy isolflavones as a natural and milder solution to relieve menopausal symptoms. According to The U.S. Market for Soy Foods and Beverages, a newly published Packaged Facts report available at MarketResearch.com, soybean technologists are responding to the need with concentrated forms of isoflavones that can be used for their natural estrogenic effects as food and beverage ingredients or in dietary supplements.

The study also reports that soy product awareness among women is high. Close to 65% of women are willing to try soy supplements as a way to maintain health at various stages in their lives. Further, 32% of women currently consume soy supplements for the same reason.

"Soy-based foods and beverages are finding new adherents among people who believe that there's a direct link between one's diet and health," said Don Montuori, Acquisitions Editor for Packaged Facts. "And as food technologists devise better ways to make the soy flavor more palatable, and soy ingredients more adaptable, food and beverage marketers are going to respond with more and more soy-based alternatives to meats and dairy products."

The U.S. Market for Soy Foods and Beverages, the second volume in the Packaged Facts series on wellness foods and beverages, provides detailed information about what defines a soy consumer, attitudes and buying patterns, market size and growth, societal trends, the competitive situation and more. Growth forecasts are presented through 2007.

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