Workshop Calls for Initiative in Pursuit of 'Low-Net Carb' Opportunity

May 27, 2004 – With 24 speakers and an attendance far beyond expectations, the food industry workshop titled “How Low Can You Go? Practical Solutions for Formulating Low-Carb Foods”, was held May 17-18 in Chicago.

The workshop was hosted by the American Association of Cereal Chemists (AACC) together with Pizzey’s Milling and General Mills/Medallion Laboratories. More than 200 attendees, representing 10 countries, attended the 2-day workshop, table-top exhibitor sessions, and product development forum to hear 24 speakers present practical information and solutions to the marketing, labeling, regulation and formulation of low-net carb food products. Workshop participants concluded the meeting with a request that the food industry launch an initiative, in collaboration with AACC and other leading food manufacturing-industry associations, to develop and recommend practical and scientifically justifiable guidelines for the development, analysis and labeling of low-net carb foods.

Linda Pizzey, President of Pizzey’s Milling, concluded that “the Low-Net Carb Revolution offers the industry the opportunity to create new, margin-enhanced products with unassailable nutritional value. The opportunity exists for the industry to offer consumers products of better nutritional value in addition to lower net carbs…that is the “win-win” proposition, said Pizzey. “However, the food industry now needs to position itself at the forefront of efforts to define the labeling and regulatory guidelines for this category in order to ensure that they remain both credible and practical.”

“We are very pleased with not only the conference’s outstanding turnout, but also with the action items proposed at the meeting. This is such an important topic for the grain-based food industry and it is encouraging to hear that many attendees, both suppliers and processors, are enthusiastic about further collaborating on a number of issues to which AACC can lend its support,” added Steven Nelson, AACC Executive Vice President.

A full CD-collection of Workshop Presentations will be available from the American Association of Cereal Chemists. For more information on either the food industry initiative or purchase of the Workshop CD, visit the AACC website at or tel. (651) 454 – 7250.

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