X-rays Indicates Kolla2® Effective in Improving Joint Health in Canine Models

Lake Forest, California, Thursday March 9, 2006 – Collagen Nutraceuticals is pleased to announce the results of long-term micro-research investigating the use of kolla2® for joint health. The research finds that after taking Kolla2®, a canine diagnosed with hip Dysplasia resumed its normal mobility, and an X-ray showed normal hip joint cartilage.

Hip Dysplasia is the malformation of the hip joints causing subsequent mobility limitations. Hip Dysplasia is characterized by looseness in the hip joint that causes abnormal wear and tear on the femoral head (the ball part of this ball and socket joint) and the acetabulum (the socket). The wear and tear can cause arthritis. Hip pain is generated from the abnormal arthritic bones rubbing against each other. Arthritis will worsen with time.

Veterinarians and researchers were amazed with the results after examining a canine subject’s X-rays. At the time of diagnosis in 1999, after seeing X-rays showing “bilateral incongruity of joints”, the veterinary surgical examiner determined the dog (an Airedale Terrier) had “definite bilateral hip dysplasia.” It was determined that the dog would face “significant osteophyte formation relatively soon, and surgery was recommended.” Six years following continual daily supplementation with ArthroPet™, a dietary supplement formula whose main active ingredient is Kolla2®, the same examiners were surprised to find that there was “definite filling-in of bilateral femoral necks” with the dog having clinically normal mobile activity. The filling-in is cartilage.

Elderly canine subjects from a local shelter were also found to become viable pets again for adoption within a short period of time after using ArthroPet™, by markedly increasing their comfort and improving stiffness in their limbs. An additional canine subject with osteoarthritis and a missing leg was placed on ArthroPet™ by his veterinarian and was found to have his comfort and mobility level “improved at least 75% over his previous condition” after supplementing with ArthroPet™ for about six months. Based on these preliminary findings, additional canines are being recruited to be subjects of a larger clinical trial.

Ongoing research on additional canines is sponsored by NeoCell Corporation (Newport Beach, CA) a leader in collagen research and supplementation since 1985, Collagen Nutraceuticals and AIDP, the exclusive sales representative of Kolla2® raw material in North America. NeoCell developed the innovative ArthroPet™ collagen formula for Canine and Equine supplementation (patent pending). Only ArthroPet™ brand was used in the research on the canine subjects. ArthroPet™ contains the active ingredient kolla2® collagen type II (U.S. Patent Number 6,838,440).

For additional information and product availability, please contact our exclusive raw materials partner for North America - AIDP, Inc. Toll-free 1-866-262-6699, Tel – 626-964-6910, Fax 626-964-6739, www.aidp.com.

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