XS(TM) Energy Drink Introduced

Quixtar's new Caffeine-free Cranberry-Grape XS Energy Drink delivers an energetic blast of B vitamins to boost your energy without sugar, carbs or caffeine.

ADA, Mich., March 30, 2005 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- The newest XS(TM) Energy Drink, Caffeine-free Cranberry-Grape Blast, contains the sweet and tangy flavors of cranberry and grape without the caffeine, empty sugars, or carbs used to power most other energy drinks. Available exclusively from Independent Business Owners (IBOs) powered by Quixtar, XS Caffeine-free Cranberry-Grape Blast Energy Drinks deliver a powerfully delicious punch of B vitamins to help boost your mental and physical energy.

XS Caffeine-free Cranberry-Grape Blast Energy Drink contains 100 percent or more of the recommended daily value of five energy packed B vitamins, B6 (pyridoxine), B9 (folic acid), B12 (cobalamin), B3 (niacin), and B5 (panthothenic acid). Each 8.4 oz. can of Caffeine-free Cranberry-Grape Blast Energy Drink has only eight calories and 0 carbs.

Caffeine-free Cranberry-Grape Blast joins Cherry Blast, Cranberry-Grape, Citrus Blast, Electric Lemon Blast, Tropical Blast, Tropical Blast Non- Caffeinated, and non-carbonated Tea-Berry Blast in the XS Energy Drink line -- a top-selling product for Quixtar.

Since launching the very first XS Energy Drink products two years ago, IBOs powered by Quixtar have sold more than 6.7 million cases of XS Energy Drinks. Quixtar launched the XS Energy Drink line in September 2002 with two flavors: Cranberry-Grape and Citrus Blast.

"We sold 55,000 cases within the first three weeks," says Claire Zevalkink, Quixtar Vice President of Marketing. "We could barely keep up with the demand."

Two years later, XS Energy Drinks have become one of Quixtar's best selling brands. "We sold more than 2.5 million cases of XS Energy Drinks in that first year," says Zevalkink.

In its new Momentum catalog and at its e-commerce site, Quixtar has introduced a complete Sports Nutrition line that includes the fuels and tools any active individual needs to succeed. The Quixtar Sports Nutrition line includes Nutrilite(R) vitamins and minerals, performance foods from XS(TM) Power Nutrition, and sugar-free, low-carb XS Energy Drinks. The catalog includes all kinds of cool sports gadgets and fitness gear from nationally recognized brand names like Columbia(R), Adidas(R), Bowflex(R) and more.

XS Energy Drinks, including the new XS Caffeine-free Cranberry-Grape Blast Energy Drink, are available in the United States and Canada through Independent Business Owners powered by Quixtar. To learn more about XS Energy Drinks or any of the products in Quixtar's Sports Nutrition line, visit http://www.Quixtar.com .

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