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Z Trim Holds Water for Food Technologists

Z Trim Holdings, Inc., manufacturer of multifunctional fiber food ingredients, today announced it will be exhibiting its products in Booth #447 in the Healthy Food Pavilion of the 2009 Institute of Food Technologists’ Annual Food Meeting and Food Expo (IFT-AFME) in the Anaheim Convention Center June 7-9.

The superior water holding and binding capabilities of Z Trim corn fiber will be featured in emulsion products and whole muscle meats. The emulsion demonstration will show the benefits of Z Trim across different viscosity ranges in dairy-based dressing, sauce, and dip. Throughout, Z Trim fiber provides instant dispersing properties, keeping water and oil in place and maintaining the integrity of the textural expectations for each type of product. Highlighting the superior heat stability that Z Trim corn fiber provides to finished products, the sauce will be served hot as a complement to the meats on display.

“Z Trim manages and modulates surface tension far better than other plant-based hydrocolloids used to emulsify or thicken,” said Lynda Carroll, Director of Product Development for Z Trim Holdings. “Foods made with Z Trim have noticeably better textural and sensory character,” she said. “Additionally, emulsions become less susceptible to breaking due to temperature extremes or interactions between other ingredients having salt or acidic characteristics.”

The meat demonstration will exhibit how Z Trim multifunctional fiber reduces purge and keeps whole muscle meats juicy throughout processing and market distribution, without the addition of phosphates. Z Trim Holdings’ staff will be assisted in that demonstration by specialists from World Technology Ingredients (WTI) of Jefferson, Georgia, distributor of Z Trim to the meat industry.

“A marinade solution for muscle meats , whether injected or used in tumbling, can contain up to 1% of Z Trim fiber, usually as part of a marinade or with flavorings,” said Robert Brooks, technical specialist with WTI. “Z Trim helps to bind moisture in the meat, keeping it juicy,” he said.


Z Trim Holdings, Incorporated,, partners with the food industry in the deployment of solutions and technologies built around cutting edge multifunctional dietary fibers, blends and custom emulsions. Innovation for health and wellness is built into our business model with value added components of capital, process, product, market, and R&D knowledge.

Z Trim® and Z Trim blends are functional food ingredients emulsifiers and stabilizers made from the hulls of either corn OR oat. Z Trim is versatile and can serve as a fat replacement, thickening agent or emulsifier with texturization, binding, shaping, suspension, water control and pH balance attributes. Z Trim represents a natural and frequently cost competitive alternative or complement to many of the oils, gums and starches it can replace. Because Z Trim is non-caloric dietary fiber, replacement of added fats with Z Trim can achieve up to 80% calorie reduction in many foods without negatively affecting taste or texture, and can substantially reduce harmful trans and saturated fats found in many foods. Z Trim has wide application in dairy products, dressings, dips, sauces, baked goods, processed meats, snack foods, cookies, pies, cakes, icings, brownies, bars, ice cream, milk shakes and many other foods or circumstances.

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