Z-Trim Invites Interest as Clock Ticks on Pre-Packaged Foods

Z-Trim, the zero calorie fat replacement product that reduces fat, calories and carbohydrates without sacrificing the taste of the foods we love to eat, is well positioned to benefit the packaged foods industry and consumers in the face of a portentous regulatory deadline.

By January 1, 2006, food manufacturers must include on nutrition labels an indicator of the total grams of trans fat included in the product, per an FDA mandate. The time limit has food industry players anxiously examining options in the interest of avoiding a negative image in the regulatory spotlight.

"For many who offer processed packaged foods, there is a feeling that the deadline signals the end of business as they know it," said Greg Halpern, President and CEO of FiberGel Technologies, the company that manufactures Z-Trim and owns the worldwide license to it. "Although the labeling requirement will no doubt cause consumers to rethink their purchases, they need not stop eating the foods and brands they love," he added. "We're positioned to benefit both consumers and their favorite brands with our product."

Halpern notes that a "Percent Daily Value" is conspicuously absent from the trans fats information on the labels. Such information is included for most of the other itemized ingredients.

"That's because the FDA has not declared that there is a healthy level of trans fatty acids that can be recommended as a part of our daily diet," said Halpern. "The case against trans fats has been made. Why include them when there is an affordable alternative that only improves digestion without impacting taste?"

Z-Trim (http://ztrim.com) is a zero calorie fat replacement product made from corn bran. It dramatically reduces trans and saturated fats and calories up to 50 per cent. The product can be used to reduce trans fats in dairy products, dressings, dips, sauces, baked goods, breading, coatings, powders, processed meats, snack foods, cookies, pies, cakes, icings, brownies, bars, ice cream, and drink mixes, to name a few.

Other fat substitution discoveries in recent years have faded as quickly as they appeared due to an unpleasant after taste or undesirable side effects on digestion. Z-Trim, which conveys only the taste of the other ingredients and improves the digestion process as an insoluble fiber, has gradually increased its production and it's recipe portfolio. FiberGel's parent company - Circle Group Holdings, Inc. which develops and commercializes life changing technologies, hopes its Z-Trim product line will have a major impact on obesity and greatly benefit the food industry and consumers as it works to develop greater market acceptance in the coming months.

"We're escalating our communications initiatives as the clock ticks on the food industry," said Halpern. "FiberGel has the right product at the right time in Z-Trim."

FiberGel Technologies is a subsidiary of Circle Group Holdings, Inc. (CXN) which is traded on the American Stock Exchange.


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