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ZMC Confirms CoQ10 Safety

The Woodlands, TX August 29, 2007 – Reinforcing the quality presented by ZMC’s fermentation technology CoQ10, ZMC commissioned several toxicology studies performed by The Institute of Environmental Toxicology located in Ibaraki, Japan.

The tests confirmed that ZMC’s coenzyme Q10 is safe at high doses.

Tests performed were acute oral toxicity, repeated dose 28 day oral toxicity, bacterial reverse mutation, in vitro chromosome aberration, micronucleus, dermal sensitization as well as a 4 week immunotoxicity study.

The tests confirmed the oral LD50 is greater than 2,000 mg/kg, there was no oral toxicity in rats receiving 1,000mg/kg/day for 4 weeks, is not mutagenic to the bacteria used, did not induce either structural or numerical chromosome aberrations, did not induce micronuclei in bone marrow cells of mice, had no skin sensitizing potential in the guinea pig maximization test, and had no toxic effects on immuno-toxicological parameters tested at 1,000mg/kg body weight/day for 4 weeks.

Detailed information of this study can be found on the ZMC-USA web site at ZMC operates in North America as ZMC-USA from its offices in The Woodlands, Texas. Globally, ZMC is the largest supplier of Biotin, the second largest supplier of Vitamin E, the third largest supplier of Natural Vitamin E, the second largest supplier of fermented CoQ10, and has the most complete product variety of Carotenoids.

ZMC is a multicultural organization offering high quality leading edge pharmaceutical and nutraceutical ingredients worldwide since 1954. ZMC respects and understands the importance of quality and customer satisfaction and is committed to achieving the highest level of both.


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