Zurvita's Zeal nutritional drink developed worldwide

Zeal is a nutritional drink developed by Zurvita as part of an integrated approach to meet growing interests, needs, and demands in the health and wellness sector. It is developed by a group of formulators and medical advisers from around the globe.

Zurvita Holdings, Inc. ZRVT 0.00% ("Zurvita" or the "Company"), a dynamic direct-to-consumer network marketing company offering turn-key solutions for high-quality consumer and business products and services, today provided an overview of its new product 'Zeal,' a proprietary wellness formula recently introduced under Zurvita's new Health & Wellness Division.

Zeal is a nutritional drink developed by Zurvita as part of an integrated approach to meet growing interests, needs and demands in the health and wellness sector. Zeal works by enriching, restoring and protecting consumers with over 100 nutrients found naturally in foods and grains.* To design Zeal, Zurvita engaged formulators and medical  advisers to compound whole foods and extracts gathered from around the globe for a unique, one-of-a-kind wellness formula. Features include:      

Natural rice bran from Brazil

Aloe Vera from the Americas

Acai from the Amazon

Turmeric from India

Moringa Oleifera

Goji Berry from the Himalayas

Noni from the South Pacific       

"With Zeal, we can enrich and restore our bodies with nutrients and antioxidants, including Vitamins C and E, that promote good health," said Zurvita Co-Chief Executive Officer Mark Jarvis. "Zurvita partnered with a national formulator and medical  advisers to combine the finest natural ingredients in a convenient drink to help you take charge of your health. Wellness is rapidly approaching a $1 trillion dollar industry, but people still aren't getting the nutrition and enrichment that their bodies need. With health care migrating towards 'preventative,' rather than 'reactive,' care, driven by escalating costs and changing regulations, Zeal's health promoting capabilities fit well with market trends. Zeal, when combined with Zurvita Health Plus which offers significant savings on doctor's visits, dental, vision and prescriptions, creates a new dual approach to wellness from which everyone can benefit."

Zurvita Co-Chief Executive Officer, Jay Shafer, stated, "Zeal and Zurvita Health Plus offer a truly unique opportunity for our independent consultants to build financial independence through Zurvita's Health & Wellness Division. In this way, Zurvita has positioned itself at the forefront of the trillion dollar health care industry and has given entrepreneurs the chance to both help others and to build significant income with products and services that meet a huge and growing need."

About Zurvita Holdings, Inc.

Zurvita is a dynamic direct-to-consumer marketing company offering high-quality products and services targeting individuals, families and small businesses. The company's highly differentiated services feature best in class consumer products and small business solutions through a growing network of independent sales consultants. Zurvita has rapid growth potential due to its experienced sales management team and its unique business-to-business strategy offering turnkey solutions for commercial and residential energy, advertising, telecommunications and financial services. For more information, please visit www.zurvita.com.

*These claims have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

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