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Zychrome tops other chromium in insulin management

Zychrome tops other chromium in insulin management
CEO says Zychrome is the best chromium insulin management ingredient available, according to study results.

InterHealth is proud to announce the peer-reviewed publication of the Zychrome comparison clinical study in Molecular Nutrition and Food Research. Clinical results from the study highlight Zychrome’s superior efficacy over chromium picolinate.

In the randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study, 74 subjects took either placebo, Zychrome (400 mcg of elemental chromium) or chromium picolinate (400 mcg of elemental chromium) each day for three months. Zychrome significantly reduced fasting insulin levels and insulin resistance at three months, resulting in a 30 percent reduction for both parameters. Zychrome significantly reduced levels of the inflammatory cytokine TNF-α by 21 percent and significantly reduced the oxidative stress marker protein carbonyl by 10 percent. Zychrome outperformed both chromium picolinate and placebo groups and was twice as effective as chromium picolinate in managing insulin function. Chromium picolinate did not significantly change insulin levels, insulin resistance, TNF-alpha and protein carbonyl levels compared to baseline values.

InterHealth’s CEO, Paul Dijkstra, believes that Zychrome offers manufacturers the next generation of chromium for superior insulin management and blood sugar formulations. “The publication of the Zychrome clinical research along with the NutrAward for best new ingredient awarded to Zychrome earlier in the year, truly highlights that Zychrome offers the best chromium insulin management ingredient available.” InterHealth started development of Zychrome over five years ago with the objective of creating the safest and most effective chromium for manufacturers to use in their dietary supplements and functional food and beverage products.

The development of a chromium complex with clear advantages over other chromium forms in metabolic parameters such as in modulating insulin levels and function will ultimately help millions of Americans control their blood sugar levels. Development of these supplements will help complement a healthy diet and exercise program in the plight to maintain healthy blood insulin and sugar levels.

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