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AIDP introduces science demonstrating prebiotics are essential for wellness

AIDP introduces science demonstrating prebiotics are essential for wellness
Functional ingredients leader says the fundamental answer to illness lies in the gut and food and beverages are the preferred, natural delivery platforms

At a press conference held during the annual Institute of Food Technology meeting today, Jennifer Gu, Ph.D., Vice President for Research and Development at AIDP said, “The ground-breaking scientific research done at the University of California-Los Angeles on PreticX, a new non-gluten, non-GMO prebiotic xylooligosacchride, adds significant new knowledge to the essential role prebiotics play by creating a diverse ecology in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, the critical first step to optimal wellness.”

“The typical American diet lacking in nutrient dense foods such as whole grains, vegetables and fruits is harming the delicate ecosystem of GI tract,” Gu further states. “Heavily processed foods, artificial fillers, additives and colors, and the use of agricultural chemicals all destroy good gut bacteria and foster the growth of bad gut flora. This cycle wears down the body’s immune defenses, leading to the possibility of chronic illness.”

“PrecticX is a fundamental first step to restoring and balancing a healthy ecosystem in the digestive tract. It acts as a ‘fertilizer’ to enable good bacteria to flourish and cover our intestine with many strains of good bacteria, thus synergizes with probiotics.

Most importantly, prebiotics can promote a great many good strains of bacteria and suppress bad bacteria at the same time. Prebiotics are more stable in acid and heat conditions, whereas probiotics are not. In addition, a lot of consumers like the idea that prebiotics can promote the beneficial balance of one's own flora system, in addition to adding a few strains of good bacteria that probiotics provide,” she concluded.

Zhaoping Li, MD, PhD.,Professor of Medicine and Director of Center for Human Nutrition at UCLA, the Principal Investigator of the “gold-standard” human double-blind, placebo controlled PreticX trial said, “It is quite shocking to realize that the roots of the health of every organ of the

body, including the brain, links with a healthy gut microbiome ”

“We have a large educational process ahead in helping consumers understand that first they must change the environment of the GI be able to achieve a healthy balance of gut bacteria. Typical consumption of Western diet will need to be supplemented with a prebiotic, such as PreticX, to change the gut environment to bring equilibrium to the gut bacteria. Prebiotics are essential for the probiotic to survive and improve health.

AIDP will be sampling PreticX lemonade at Booth #3209.

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