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FDA Clears RiduZone: A Patented Supplement to Support a Healthy Appetite, Weight and Cholesterol in Adults

FDA Clears RiduZone: A Patented Supplement to Support a Healthy Appetite, Weight and Cholesterol in Adults
After a comprehensive review of all available literature and data, the FDA now has no concerns regarding RiduZone's safety.  

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration cleared the patented product RiduZone as a new dietary supplement. RiduZone is a naturally occurring appetite regulator that supports healthy weight, appetite, body-fat composition, and cholesterol levels in adults.

The FDA found that RiduZone is a metabolite of oleic acid, which is part of a healthy daily diet. After a comprehensive review of all available literature and data the FDA had no concerns regarding RiduZone's safety.

Unlike other weight control supplements, RiduZone gives the body more of what it already makes - Oleoylethanolamide (OEA). OEA is a natural metabolite made in the small intestine that helps regulate hunger. In essence, OEA tells the brain that the body is full and that it's time to stop eating. By taking RiduZone 30 minutes before breakfast and dinner, consumers will feel more full during meals and as a result will likely eat less. "It's amazing that you can treat your taste buds without taxing your body with too many calories," stated Shashi Marulappa, CEO of NutriForward.

NutriForward, the company behind RiduZone, has exclusive rights to bring OEA to market. Their team of scientists and doctors developed RiduZone to deliver OEA more efficiently and effectively through daily capsules.

"When it comes to losing weight, appetite control can be your biggest challenge or greatest asset," said Dr. Jay N. Yepuri, a Board Certified Gastroenterologist. "Finally, there is a natural, effective way to supplement a healthy appetite, weight and cholesterol by going directly to your body's hunger regulator. RiduZone is my recommendation to any patient who is looking for a natural and effective way to look and feel great."

NutriForward will release RiduZone in October 2015, sold exclusively at

About NutriForward: NutriForward is a Limited Liability Company (LLC) headquartered in Irving, Texas. Their mission is to provide science driven supplements for better health. Focused on an "Advanced Approach to Health and Beauty", NutriForward's products empower customers by helping them take control of their health and well-being. NutriForward developed a proprietary dietary supplement, RiduZone™, scheduled for release in October 2015. For more information about NutriForward, please visit


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