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Garden of Life receives 8 ADDY Awards

Garden of Life, a whole foods supplement company, receives eight ADDY Awards from the American Advertising Federation.

Garden of Life, the #1 selling whole foods supplement company in the Natural Products Industry, is the recipient of eight ADDY Awards from the American Advertising Federation (AAF).

“This is a great achievement for our marketing department,” said Garden of Life President Brian Ray. “We are fortunate to have an experienced and talented team, and we are proud they have been recognized by the ADDY Awards.”

Garden of Life won Silver ADDY Awards for an “I Dig the Garden” logo design, a free standing mykind Organics floor display, a mykind Organics sales promotion campaign and launch kit, a mykind Organics brochure, and an “I Dig the Garden” book design. The team also picked up silver awards for a mykind Organics marketing campaign, an Organic Plant Protein campaign, and for a Hoe Hoe Hoe! Christmas card design. The team included Guy Burgstahler, Vice President of Marketing; graphic artists David Johnson, Angela DiGloria, and Marlene Smith; Brand Manager Kristie Romano and Marketing Coordinator Charissa Gast.

Attracting nearly 60,000 entries each year nationwide, the American Advertising Federation’s (AAF) American Advertising Awards have become the largest and most comprehensive advertising competition. The American Advertising Awards originated in the 4th District in 1960 and became a three-tiered national competition in 1968. Sponsored by the AAF, the awards honor excellence in advertising and cultivate the highest creative standards in the industry. Each year, the competition begins with contests in the nation’s more than 200 AAF member clubs, where entries must be submitted and judged to be eligible for the American Advertising Awards process. Local winners proceed to 15 regional competitions, and those winners advance to the national finals. Garden of Life’s submissions will automatically be entered in the national competition.

“We’re thrilled to receive these ADDY Awards,” said Garden of Life Vice President of Marketing Guy Burgstahler. “The ADDYS are the equivalent of getting a Grammy for anyone in the marketing and advertising industry, so we’re very excited.”


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