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Traditional process of extracting herbal benefits from reishi mushroom, wrought with challenges, until now., the world's most trusted authority in the art and science of Chinese Tonic Herbs, introduces a technological breakthrough in herbal extracts, Raw Reishi liquid extract.

Most herbal products are boiled, steamed, pressurized, or otherwise heated in order to extract nutrients from the product. When herbal products are heated excessively, they inevitably lose their volatile and more delicate heat-sensitive elements. Volatile oils are very complex and possibly include some of the most interesting elements of a plant or herb that offer potency and efficacy.

Various preparations of herbal products, such as extracts and standardized-extracts, have unique advantages and disadvantages, and are valid methods for potentiating the benefits of the herbs. The modern processes used to create herbal extracts invariably use heat as part of the process, thereby lowering the full potency of the finished product. Many "super-concentrates" of herbs are produced by over-cooking the herbs, and thus even if the concentrate has a 10:1 ratio to begin with, the finished product loses some efficacy if the active ingredients are destroyed by heat. This is one of the reasons why high ratios of herbs are used in making extracts in the first place—to compensate for some loss during production.

Standardized extract is another commonly used form of processing herbs. Standardized extract is a manufacturing technique in which solvents are used to extract compounds from a plant to a particular marker compound level. This style of extraction mirrors the process used for making pharmaceutical drugs, creating specific levels of certain constituents. Using a marker compound to standardize to comes with some disadvantages. First, the selected marker compound may not contain the active ingredient, so while the extract is standardized, it may still only contain a limited amount of the compound which causes the greatest efficacy in the product. Also, the solvents used to isolate the particular market can ultimately change the quality and therapeutic properties of the plant.

Until now, the process of extracting herbal benefits from one of China's oldest and most revered herbs, reishi mushroom, has been difficult. Raw herb decoction yields limited results and commercial production of reishi into an assimilable form necessarily has lost some of the constituents of the raw plant in the process. proudly announces the introduction of Raw Reishi, made with a new technology for protecting ALL the valuable constituents of the herb during processing by using pressure while maintaining temperatures under 118 degrees Fahrenheit, the temperature generally considered protective of all the original constituents of a plant.

Raw Reishi liquid extract by is an exclusive new product which maximizes the potency of the herb while also delivering the more delicate shen qualities of this medicinal mushroom, treasured in classical Chinese medicine for thousands of years.

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