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LL Magnetic Clay moves from San Francisco Bay Area to Austin, Texas under new name, Enviromedica

LL Magnetic Clay moves from San Francisco Bay Area to Austin, Texas under new name, Enviromedica
Paleo culture influences Enviromedica’s Austin relocation. 

Enviromedica, a leading manufacturer of naturally derived products based on the principles of evolutionary medicine, recently completed a move from its longtime home in the San Francisco Bay Area to a new facility in Austin, Texas. The relocation will allow the company to grow while continuing to maintain the same high standards and deeply-held values for which it has become known.

When considering where to relocate, culture was a driving factor. Enviromedica is closely aligned with the ancestral health and Paleo communities. Jared Ramirez, CEO, points out that Paleo(fx), the premier annual symposium advancing the Paleo approach to health, is based in Austin. In fact, many natural products companies call Austin home. Thus, it was a natural fit.

“The pool of talented people in Austin who are passionate about the natural products industry and the culture behind it is impressive,” states Ramirez. Since the company wanted to hire a team of employees who share its passion for health, natural healing, and evolutionary medicine, Austin was an ideal locale. “We’re not just trying to make products and be profitable,” he emphasizes. “We are building an organization that embodies what we stand for — the values we hold close to our chest. Austin offers both the culture match and the financial latitude that we’re after.”

The relationship goes both ways. Enviromedica will benefit from the energy and excitement of employees who share its values. And Austin will benefit from the arrival of a full-fledged manufacturing facility that brings higher-paying jobs to the area.

At a time when many manufacturing companies are sending jobs overseas, Enviromedica is pleased to stay a U.S.-based company, with all the quality assurances that status affords. “Our goal is to be 100 percent sure that our values and our quality

are sustained,” explains Hope Foster-Reyes, Vice President of Marketing and Technology. “This move is not a change in the way we do business in any way. On the contrary, it’s enabling us to continue doing business the way we always have, in a community that’s a great match for us culturally, so that we can positively impact the health of eve more people with each passing year.” 

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