Celanese debuts Qorus sweetener system

Celanese debuts Qorus sweetener system

Qorus allows formulators to achieve desired sweet taste without altering the nutrition profile.

Brands looking to develop low- or no-calorie applications have always accepted as inevitable the need to mask certain off-notes in hopes of hitting the authentic taste profiles they desire. That dilemma is what prompted the creation of Qorus™, the sweetener system that’s setting out to transform the industry by enabling brands to deliver not only great-tasting reduced calorie labels but also authentic taste.

The first products in the Qorus portfolio target the beverage industry as well as the flavored milk and yogurt sector of the dairy industry. Qorus balances sweetness and flavor for a robust taste experience. Qorus allows formulators to achieve the end product’s desired sweet taste and allow its authentic flavor to shine through, all without altering the desired nutrition profile.

Diana Peninger, vice president and general manager of Celanese food ingredients business, states, “Qorus offers perfect harmony in formulation, taste, and experience.” Qorus is versatile and robust and can function in a large variety of formulation and processing conditions. This freedom to invent without limitations sets Qorus apart from other sweeteners. “We know our partners expect more from a sweetener, so we’re excited to see the applications they bring to life. We’re confident they will be impressed by how completely Qorus allows developers to hit desired taste targets; but more than that, we know they will be impressed by the way Qorus allows consumers to taste their brands, not our sweetener. In other words, we’re bringing authentic taste to our partners and helping them see the real possibilities of our sweetener,” states Peninger.

Qorus will be introduced at the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Annual Meeting and Food Expo July 13 to 16 in Chicago. Visit Booth #4342 to experience sweetness made simple. Or visit qorus.celanese.com.

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